Friday, 14 February 2020

Boy Mums Unite - Collaboration with Sara Scraps

Hello Lovelies!

This is something Sara and I have been talking about since last year and here's the first project in this collab.  It's not going to be anything frequent or super regular...just when mood, time and mojo all co-operate! 

As I mentioned in the video, the inspo for this first layout came from the cut file in question and the laughs we has over it.  There's nothing boy related we haven't discussed and the things we've seen?  Nothing scares us!

We decided to use a cut file which we both found to be hysterical and this was the catalyst to this whole series!  We're just a little bit rude like that!  🙈🤷🤣

Here's the link to the cut file in the So Fontsy store if you're interested

Here's my video:

I was inspired by this layout by Glitter Girl and scraplifted it after remembering I was once working though Glitter Girl's videos.

I used a background I made in Sara's Mixed Media Background Vol 1 class and most of the paper I used was from Pink Fresh Studio.  The watercolour paper was Global Fluid Hot Press and it was smooth and flat enough (thanks to a run through the Minc just for good measure!

My Kokuyo dot runner was enough for most things, but Permanent Glue Dots took care of things like the fabric die cuts and things like that.

I have to say it took FOREVVVVEEERRRRR to get the embellishment clusters the way I wanted them.  Looks deceptively easy on the video.  I binned like an hour of footage of just the fiddling part! 😫

Here's the journaling if you want to read it!

Boy Mama Surrounded By Balls


Don't forget to check our Sara's video below:

Love, and boy mamas unite!

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Arty Divas DT Project 11 Feb

Hi Lovelies!

Today is Challenge 15 at Arty Divas.  This is a FORTNIGHTLY "anything goes" (any type of project and any theme) challenge with a design team who makes projects showcasing the sponsor who often offers PRIZES!

This week's sponsor is The Project Bin
Online Shop -

Much mirth and hilarity ensured when the stamp set from the sponsor arrived.  My instant favourite was the combination I used in my project today.  The first thing that came to mind was this meme which strikes a chord with me.

I remembered I had a (now discontinued) die set from Taylored Expressions which features this retro phone and I could picture it cute black to reflect the style of the phone (a Bakelite phone! 😍)

So the only proper choice for paper was something like October Afternoon or Cosmo Cricket which has that 1940s-50s vibe.  The floral doilies from the 8x8 Thrift Shop paper pad was the winning pattern! 

The great thing about polymer stamps is that longer sentiments or images can be bent slightly onto your block to give a curve where there isn't one like I did for the "one phone call" part of the sentiment and the "you are my" nestled in beautifully between the ascenders!

When it comes to putting together a pieced die cut image, Glue Dots save a whole lot of time and mess.   I put all the sizes to work holding the bits of phone together and the Micro Dots to attach the red sequins.

You Are My One Phone Call Card

Uncharacteristically simple for me, wouldn't you say? 😂

Lastly, I had the TallCraftyDude stamp some of the more wacky combinations!  And no we DO NOT celebrate birthdays, but it just made for funny phrases, especially using the dog as the butt of all the jokes.  Being a cat fam, it's always so! 🤷

The beast has been unleashed! 🙈

Love, and sassy stamping!

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Layout "All My Girls" (For the Love of Homemade Kits Feb Layout 1)

Hello Lovelies!

Here I am a few days late with my first layout and process video for February For the Love of Homemade Kits!

If you missed my kit share post you can find it here along with links to the printable etc

This one was based off a sketch challenge during January's Spending Freeze freeze (a biannual tradition) over at Sara Scraps' Rediscover your Stash Facebook Group.  Naturally in my non conformist style, I'm starting the challenges (that accompany the Spending Freeze) in February.  Natch!

One was a selection of 4 sketches chosen by Sara and this one seemed so perfectly suited to my photos!

Unfortunately more than one thing went a little bit wrong during the shooting of my video, so I will try to improve on all those things next time!  I'm as frustrated as you are and awfully sorry about the whole debacle!


Layout 1 FTLHK Process Video

I'm definitely going to have to go back over some words in my journaling in black.  I always make the mistake of going over the grey a second time and the grey is just a bit too light for my liking.  If I do the same to important words I'll make it look more purposeful.  No biggie. 🤷

So I said I'd make it look more purposeful, right?  Adding tiny labels to the most offending words and some others - either random or (as in this case) key words suddenly takes he attention away from the mistakes.  By drawing even more attention to them.  Go figure!!

The embellishment clusters seemed to take me so so long.  I just couldn't get them how I wanted them at first.  I think I got there in the end.

It's probably important to note that a regular adhesive probably wont have enough hold over an uneven or rough surface so you need something stronger.  My personal preference is Glue Dots.  I'm not on very good terms with liquid glue. 🙈


Of course after the camera is switched off I look at the page and add more.  Including a really badly stamped stamp under the date! 🤦 I fixed it as best I could with a pen, but whatever!

What I am happy with is how I pretty much stuck to the kit and how all the small details reflect my thoughts about the photos and story even if they don't mean anything to anyone else.

All My Girls

 Love and sketchy scrapbooking,

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

New Series - For The Love of Homemade Kits

This was a series stared a few years ago by Hannah Lemieux (I believe) and then went on a break.  By popular demand Hannah. Khristina Sorge  and a few others revived it in 2020, then a bunch of others (including yours truly) jumped on the bandwagon too.

Each month we present a kit based on a recipe (which is turned into a really beautifully presented printable thanks to Khristina,  You can find it here: February Printable

The kit shares go up on YouTube on the first of every month then each Monday we share a layout made from the kit.


From the outset I know I need to get 4-5 layouts from the kit, so that helps a lot with quantities.  It's not as crazy huge as my CKC kits, BUT it does have "extra" items besides those in the recipe.  What can you do? 🤷🤷🤷

You know what I'm like!

I have to confess that I didn't get around to photographing the kit before I realized I had to cut into it for the first layout of the month which is shared on Mondays.

It's now Tuesday and I only just remembered I had this blog post saved and forgot to share,  Yep it's going to be an interesting week!

Love and cute kit curating,