21 June, 2018

Pink Crafty Mama gets a NEW LOOK!

Well this is different!

I love the riot of colour!  😸😸😸

I teamed up with a fellow GirlBoss Devon Carlson from Pink Pueblo.  She is best known for her custom stamps, but she also designs logos, headers and the like.

I've changed most of my Pink Crafty Mama profile pics to that retro sign, but I did one of my Gmail/Google+ ones as an alternative logo of the cat. 

I couldn't get rid of that profile when I started the blog so...

The headers for this blog and Facebook are all done and I'll chang over the headers for my other socials as we go.  They'll most likely all be slightly different, but obviously related as I hope you can tell from the two I have already.

I also have a few stamps for various mailings and backs of cards etc.  Fitz aka NewCraftyCat likes them too!

So I hope you pay Devon a visit!  Unlike me the girl can draw!  I'm all for supporting small businesses so I urge you to do the same when you can.

You can also find Devon on Insta and Pinterest.

Love and glitter to the GirlBosses!