14 February, 2020

Boy Mamas Unite - Collaboration with Sara Scraps

Hello Lovelies!

This is something Sara and I have been talking about since last year and here's the first project in this collab.  It's not going to be anything frequent or super regular...just when mood, time and mojo all co-operate! 

As I mentioned in the video, the inspo for this first layout came from the cut file in question and the laughs we has over it.  There's nothing boy related we haven't discussed and the things we've seen?  Nothing scares us!

We decided to use a cut file which we both found to be hysterical and this was the catalyst to this whole series!  We're just a little bit rude like that!  🙈🤷🤣

Here's the link to the cut file in the So Fontsy store if you're interested

Here's my video:

I was inspired by this layout by Glitter Girl and scraplifted it after remembering I was once working though Glitter Girl's videos.

I used a background I made in Sara's Mixed Media Background Vol 1 class and most of the paper I used was from Pink Fresh Studio.  The watercolour paper was Global Fluid Hot Press and it was smooth and flat enough (thanks to a run through the Minc just for good measure!

My Kokuyo dot runner was enough for most things, but Permanent Glue Dots took care of things like the fabric die cuts and things like that.

I have to say it took FOREVVVVEEERRRRR to get the embellishment clusters the way I wanted them.  Looks deceptively easy on the video.  I binned like an hour of footage of just the fiddling part! 😫

Here's the journaling if you want to read it!

Boy Mama Surrounded By Balls


Don't forget to check our Sara's video below:

Love, and boy mamas unite!

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