03 December, 2017

What's Up, Doc? Thank You Card

For those of you not into layouts, I do apologize for the last 4 or 5 consecutive blog posts.

Here is a card as promised (with others to come).

So when you have a chronic illness like I do, it's so important to have a great GP who should be your first port of call.  These gems can be hard to find and sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error before you find "the one",

I've been meaning to make this card for the last few years and finally I did it!  It's a hybrid card of two basic types of cards that I found on Pinterest.

I've often thought of our GP as a super doc and used many graphics I've found on the web to convey this (just do a Google image search for "super doctor" and you'll see what I mean).

Anyways in the hours I spend on Pinterest, I found lab coat doctor cards with a stethoscope around the neck and this super dad card by Kaminski's Creations which I also found on Pinterest.

Now I know doctors here in Australia don't wear lab coats, but it's a pretty synonymous image with doctors worldwide so I decided to do a lab coat revealing a superman logo (as opposed to a shirt opening to show the logo like Erin Kaminski's blog post).

I guess I could have found a template or folding instructions, but I didn't.  As per usual I went rogue.  I pulled a few sheets of paper out of the printer and began folding and unfolding until I was happy with the symmetry and overlap.  I noted down how far from the edges the folds were and did the same with a sheet of white A4 cardstock.  I wanted a big card so I just used the whole sheet,

Next step was to find a printable superman logo, resize, print and cut out to use as a template,  ahhh takes me back to old school crafting before dies and die cuts and letter stickers!  Now this would have been easy peasy if:

a) I had a Silhouette (which I don't YET, but watch this space)
b) a certain SCD* hadfn't misplaced my good crafty knife,  SRSLY?

What I didn't expect to find was an entire alphabet of logos in the Superman stylie so I picked F since both the doc's first and last names start with that letter.

A Silhouette would also make the stethoscope issue much simpler since I could size it in the software to what I wanted, but I was pumped and ready to take rogue to a new level.  No templates this time...just a set of oval nesting dies and trial and error!

The little ear bud bits were done using a punch designed for making little paper bows.  There is a larger oval bit with rectangles on the ends which if cut in half in the centre was the perfect size and shape.  I did have to round the corners slightly.

Then I used a few nesting circle for the round bit and since I'm a stickler for detail, I found the logo of the company virtually ALL doctors use for stethoscopes and printed their logo just as it appears on the actual ones.

I used a small square stitched die with the dip cut off and glued around the edges for a pocket and shoved a couple of small BandAids inside.

Lastly I tried to paint the red part of the superman logo with Glossy accents to have it stand out a bit, but even with a few layers, there are still visible brush strokes and I kinda wish I hadn't done it.

So there you have it...a big thank you card for a big thank you to a great GP who has looked after us these last 5 years.

* Acronyms in the left sidebar <---

Love and happy rogue crafting!