06 February, 2020

Layout "All My Girls" (For the Love of Homemade Kits Feb Layout 1)

Hello Lovelies!

Here I am a few days late with my first layout and process video for February For the Love of Homemade Kits!

If you missed my kit share post you can find it here along with links to the printable etc

This one was based off a sketch challenge during January's Spending Freeze freeze (a biannual tradition) over at Sara Scraps' Rediscover your Stash Facebook Group.  Naturally in my non conformist style, I'm starting the challenges (that accompany the Spending Freeze) in February.  Natch!

One was a selection of 4 sketches chosen by Sara and this one seemed so perfectly suited to my photos!

Unfortunately more than one thing went a little bit wrong during the shooting of my video, so I will try to improve on all those things next time!  I'm as frustrated as you are and awfully sorry about the whole debacle!


Layout 1 FTLHK Process Video

I'm definitely going to have to go back over some words in my journaling in black.  I always make the mistake of going over the grey a second time and the grey is just a bit too light for my liking.  If I do the same to important words I'll make it look more purposeful.  No biggie. 🤷

So I said I'd make it look more purposeful, right?  Adding tiny labels to the most offending words and some others - either random or (as in this case) key words suddenly takes he attention away from the mistakes.  By drawing even more attention to them.  Go figure!!

The embellishment clusters seemed to take me so so long.  I just couldn't get them how I wanted them at first.  I think I got there in the end.

It's probably important to note that a regular adhesive probably wont have enough hold over an uneven or rough surface so you need something stronger.  My personal preference is Glue Dots.  I'm not on very good terms with liquid glue. 🙈


Of course after the camera is switched off I look at the page and add more.  Including a really badly stamped stamp under the date! 🤦 I fixed it as best I could with a pen, but whatever!

What I am happy with is how I pretty much stuck to the kit and how all the small details reflect my thoughts about the photos and story even if they don't mean anything to anyone else.

All My Girls

 Love and sketchy scrapbooking,