16 January, 2018

Inky Paws Challenge #63

This inspo for this one is gorgeous!  Take a look below...but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.  Inky Paws is the name of the (roughly)  fortnightly challenge hosted by one of my favourite manufacturers - Newton's Nook Designs.

You know I can't pass up a challenge which involves pink and cats, right?  Not to mention the flowers and vintage typewriter in the inspiration pic.  I had this idea for some time.  Maybe since last year's Cat Lovers Hop (or was it the year before?).  I think it was 2016 because I hoped to do both a card nd layout and just had time to do the layout. 

Anyway it involves having a fussy cut kitty from the Naughty Newton stamp set hanging off a set of curtains and tearing them under his weight. A bit like NCC* hanging off our flyscreens which is why I had to colour the kitty grey!!

The wallpaper in the room had to be pink and the curtains made from scrap fabric are pink and floral.  I really wanted to sew the raw edges, but my machine has the walking foot on it at the moment and despite several attempts, it wasn't at all pleased so I taped them back not wanting to change the foot.

I'm not at all thrilled with my colouring efforts.  The blending and shadows are not how I wanted them and look worse after having dried, so I may go back and go over some parts again, but for today it will do.

I wanted to use the "hang in there" sentiment and it gave me the perfect opportunity to bring in the typewriter element from the inspo pic.  I know it doesn't have to be a literal interpretation, but since it worked I just went with it. 

I used my vintage Olivetti and the poor old girl seems to be skipping spaces since I last used her.  Fortunately NPCH* (aka Tech Support) is pretty Old School so he might be able to take a look.  

Here she is and current quirks aside, she works beautifully considering her age.

Here's a more detailed look at the full card:

*Acronyms in the left sidebar <---

Love and plenty of pinkness!

04 January, 2018


Say whaaat?? 

HOW did that just happen?

December whizzed by in record speed, so I'm left with all the challenges and projects I hoped I'd get done - rather incomplete!

I shall do my best to get them done alongside January's To-Dos, but today I want to direct your attention to the tabs just under the title?  I have added a tab (or "page" as Blogger calls it) called "Regular Features".

I'm hoping to bring you series of related projects, but due to the number of things I have in my head, there are far more concepts than just one type of project per day over the course of a week.  The logical answer to me is to alternate and mix it up.  This way it will keep things interesting and over the course of a month, hopefully most things will have come up, but if not, then they will eventually!

This coming year, I'm hoping to offer card kits for sale along with free and for-purchase tutorial, virtual and local classes and more.  Some will happen in the nearer future than others, so I do encourage you to "follow" this blog via the left sidebar or via Facebook or newsletter in the right sidebar. (I know it still says stampin up when you submit the form - need to fix that! 😜)

I've also tidied up the "Fancy a Challenge" tab which lists all kinds of crafty challenges on the interwebs should you feel the urge.

Just popped in for a quick hello and back out again to work on my combined list of projects for December and January,

Love and successful crafty catch ups!