20 July, 2016

New Crafty Toys and more!

Do you ever feel as though you have so much you want to do and so little time? 

Yeah that’s me at the moment!

Anyway I’m soon to do something I’ve been itching to do for a long time and that’s make some videos on my YouTube channel.  We have been experimenting for a long time with lighting, angles and so on to offer the best quality videos we can given our lack of professional equipment!

The first thing on offer I believe will be a couple of videos putting my newest toy (Heidi Swapp’s MINC Machine) through its paces.

I’m still discovering new and exciting things this baby can do!

Here’s a little teaser of Small Crafty Dude giving it a workout.  It really is child’s play!!

06 July, 2016

It's Back! The 30 Day Colouring Challenge

Don't you just love Kathy Racoosin from The Daily Marker?  She is so cheerful and always makes me smile.  Kathy is also really encouraging of others.  So important I think!  Not to mention her incredible colouring work.

Every so often she hosts a colouring challenge where you attempt to colour for just a few minutes each day for 30 days.  This is her fifth one and each day there is something new on her blog.

Ok so today is 6 July here but in my defense, it's still 5th in USA!

I'll TRY to do a better job this time around!

Meanwhile, PLEASE visit her blog or instagram and check out her work.  I'd love to know if you play along too!