17 February, 2020

Layout "Podolianochka" (For the Love of Homemade Kits Feb Layout 2)

Hello Lovelies!

Here I am a few days late with my first layout and process video for February For the Love of Homemade Kits!

If you missed my kit share post you can find it here along with links to the printable etc, and you can read about Layout 1 which I made with the kit last week.  It also had a Ukrainian vibe to it.

I'm also using this layout as one of the "A is for Alphas" ABC Scrappy Challenge hosted by Christy from Christy's Beautiful Life.  Click on the links to her Facebook Group and Youtube Channel to learn more about it!

Before watching my process video, you may want to see a clip of the dance I'm ta;king about first.


FTLHK Layout 2 Process Video


This one was a challenge from the outset.  Firstly, the circular design on the paper is one that intimidates me, but I was keen to use it, since the flowers and circle are rather representative of the dance.

My initial thought was to pile more die cut and dimensional flowers from the die cut packs in my kit, but I couldn't get it to work.  At least the painty splatter looked OK.  Rather enthusiastically applied, but not too bad!


Some of the paint was quite lumpy, so the layers immediately in contact with the background needed to be adhered with Glue Dots.  I used Mini Glue Dots to adhere the chipboard Thickers for the titles.  The surgery for THOSE didn't quite go to plan either!

I had trouble getting a Ukrainian letter "D" (the third letter in the name of the dance above) so I used an English lowercase "G" which looks a bit like a lowercase handwritten "D",  Not perfect. but definitely in the spirit of the ABC Scrappy challenge!

The journaling ended up being a bit more extensive than I first thought, so the circle ended up virtually full.


I'm not totally sold on the orange "dance like no-one is watching_ die cut, because the orange is slightly jarring, but this was a great time to use it so I'm going to be happy to live with it.

A few close ups of the right and bottom left embellishment clusters

Подоляночка (Podolianochka)

Love, and homemade kits!

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