14 September, 2020

Stick it Down DT Project for September.

Hello Lovelies!

My projects (and DIY kits) will have a slightly special vibe for the next month at least.

NotPinkCraftyHubster and I have a rather special anniversary coming up and I realized I have been putting off scrapbooking our wedding album.  

We had such amazing professional photos that there is some pressure, but I think what has held me back is not having electronic copies of our photos.  We have negatives.

We have a proof album with all our proofs so scanning those is an option, but we no longer have a flatbed scanner, so I thought investing in a gadget which digitizes negatives might be the way to go.

The black and white ones turn out fine, but coloured ones are still a bit...off.  I thought I'd give the tech obsessed TallCraftyDude the job.  He didn't much care for the novelty factor of playing with what's now probably considered an antique!

Getting back to my layout, the sketch we were given to work with this month reminded me a lot of the

scrapbook pages which have a garland of "stuff" so I ran with that rather than have extra photos.

All the things in the garland have some meaning to us, so I'm more or less happy with it having never made and I used a quote for the titles and continued on in the journaling.




Love is a Journey Not a Destination

Love, and lovey-dovey scrapbooking!

12 September, 2020

September Back to School YouTube Hop

Hello Lovelies!

I'm here with a special project!

This is an annual collaboration started by Sara Scraps.  It's my second time playing along and it;s so much fun - not to mention a great opportunity to add some pages in Max's rather neglected school album.

The theme this year is "What Does School Look Like For You?" and despite that in the southern hemisphere we aren't starting school (in fact my day to post on the hop is also Max's last day of Term 3 for 2020) it's still a very relevant topic.

Since there are so many ladies taking part this year, Sara has divided up into 4 days and I'm on Day 2.  Several girls are having giveaways so I will link the entire line up below and the channels with giveaways are marked.

The videos are scheduled to go live each day at 9am EST (US that is!) or 11pm EST if you're in Aus. 

Naturally dire technical issues strike and Ive been fighting with this all through the night,

Here are the usual close ups of my layout.  I've gone back to working through Shimelle's Start With a Sketch class and this is my version of sketch 13.2
My giveaway is an electronic gift card to the crafty store of your choice to the value of $20USD or equivalent in your currency to the closest denomination the gift card comes in.  To find out what you need to do to enter, go watch my video!

The giveaway is open until 9AM EST (usa) or 11PM EST (aus) on 18 September 2020

I'll do a draw announcing the winner on my channel and post here too!

 YouTube Process Video






Remote Learning 2.0


Video Hop Line Up


Shadnee Breeden- https://www.youtube.com/shadnee *GIVEAWAY*
Melinda Sweetman- http://www.youtube.com/c/MelindaSweetman





Love and easy editing!