Affiliate Links and Disclosure

Just a heads up...

I participate with a number of affiliate programs (listed below) which means I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you!!) when you click on my links and make a purchase through any store.

Any commission I receive is put towards the running of my blog and YouTube channel, so I greatly appreciate your support!

I purchase almost all supplies myself, however I have been collaborating with Columbus Trading (The distributor for Glue Dots in Australia).  They generous send me product with no obligation to use,  I was using Glue Dots for many years before they contacted me, so I can assure you that when you see me using them, it's because I love them!

I will mention any free product in the relevant video or blog post if I use it.

 But there's more!  

I will never use or  recommend a product I don't like.  In saying that, I wont verbally "bash" any product or company either.  I simply give my honest view and my actions (by using what I love) speak louder than any review!

For this reason I don't do paid reviews, videos or blog posts.  

If I am demonstrating a product, it's because I want to (even if it involves free product).  

Any giveaways I do involve product I purchase myself.  In the event the giveaway is partially or fully sponsored I will mention this and would never agree to any such giveaway, unless I love the product/prize in question!

 Bottom line: I use what I love and love what I use.  That's all!

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