01 November, 2020

Cat Lovers Hop Project #4 Neckwear for the Dapper Cat

Hello Lovelies!
Due to the limit of 5 projects per person on the main hop link up, many of mine will only be shared here and on my socials, so please keep checking back to get as many chances for the giveaway as possible!  I will also keep making AFTER the official Hop finishes, so please keep on checking back!

I'm not sure exactly how the idea came about.  Possibly plenty of pics in the Chonky Cat Facebook Group of cats in ties, bowties, bandanas etc?  Anyway, what better time to give it a try than for the Hop since I have all my sewing stuff out being up to my elbows in masks...🙈😩😂

I made one of each (natch) 🤣 and after I found some free patterns online I cut out the pieces, although for the necktie and bow tie they seemed awfully small.  I've been tired, so perhaps misread the instructions, but I was pretty sure seam allowance was already included.  

I did add extra length, though since out cats definitely qualify for membership into the Chonky Cat group.

I ended up having to cut new pieces and start again.  This time I had to make the pieces bigger which was a challenge for this drawing disabled person. 🤦🏼‍♀️  This is why they are a bit wonky!  And the Bow Tie ended up TOO big 🤦🏼‍♀️ but better than too small, I guess!

I've been battling a huge flare (Thanks, Arthur*) so my sewing was pretty dodgy too.  I had to push through or I'd miss the Hop and that would be sad!!

So sit back, get comfy and prepare to watch the neck wear catwalk! (See what I did there? 🤣)

First up, we have the classic bow tie modelled by Fitz.  Fabric chosen by TallCraftyDude

The Classic Bow Tie


Next up, Fitz really means business with this professional shirt collar and tie.  Both the neck tie and the bow tie work equally well with his "morning suit".  I maintain this is the grey answer to a tuxedo cat (get it?).

The Business Shirt and Tie


Last up, the bandana or neck 'kerchief.  Ophelia was meant to model it, but it turns out she had other ideas.

Bandana or Neck 'kerchief

🎨 As I mentioned before, I'm going to keep making past the official end of the Hop on 31st (US Time) so keep coming back for more posts to comment on and get more entries!  There may be more Kitty fashions in the coming days 😜 and hopefully some card projects starting later today/tonight!

Giveaway Prizes

🐱 Update! Since my first project (the cat masks) caused so much excitement, the three winners of the physical prizes can pick a cat fabric and I will make a mask to go with their prize (if they would like one).

Please understand that I can't do it for the electronic gift card prize, since it would mean shipping costs and the value of the gift card takes into account that I don't have to spend money on shipping.  Thanks so much!

MFT "Purr-Fect Friends" Stamp Set











Jane Davenport "Purr-fect Cat" Stamp Set











Cat Embellie pack 

with stickers, clips and half of the Echo Park "I Love My Cat" paper pad 











"Max's Choice" Bonus Prize

A gift card to the crafty store of your choice to the value of $20USD (or equivalent in your currency) to the closest denomination of card available.

Giveaway Rules

📌 I have three items (and a bonus fourth prize) to give away (pictured below) and I'll pull three names for the first three prizes.

📌For the  fourth "bonus" prize: it will go to someone who has entered the main blog hop (please let me know your project numbers if you would like to be considered.  You can wait til the blog hop is over (but before the close of the giveaway) to do this since the order changes sometimes.)

📌 The first name drawn gets first choice, second name gets second choice and so on.  Bonus prize will be TallCraftyDude's favourite project!

📌 This Giveaway is NOT SPONSORED.  I purchased the prizes especially for this giveaway.  This year I picked stuff other than just stamp sets to mix it up a bit


What Do You Have to Do?

You will receive an entry (or entries) for each of the following.  You absolutely don't have to do everything - just how ever many you like.

If you have previously followed my socials then these are already counted for you!  (unfollowers will not be counted)
📌 The giveaway will remain open until 11:59PM AEDT on Friday 6 November.   Please visit THIS SITE to calculate in your own timezone
📌 The winner will be drawn on Monday 9 November so PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE
❗If the winner and I can't make contact by Monday 16 November, I will have to draw a new winner since I need to get these prizes out all together.
❗Please try to email me at alex@pinkcraftymama.com This really is the easiest way for me to get in touch with you since not all blogger profiles have an email attached and if you JUST leave comments, I have no other place to search for you.

So...what do you have to do to get entries?

🐈 Follow this blog - 3 entries (in the left sidebar)
🐈 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel - 3 entries
🐈 Follow me on Facebook - 2 entries
🐈 Follow me on Instagram - 1 entry
🐈 Comment (once per day per person) on a project post between now and the close of the giveaway - 1 entry per post.  Index page with links to all my projects

Please don't hesitate to  email me with any questions at alex@pinkcraftymama.com

If you're entering the giveaway, comment below and tell me...Which style of neckwear would suit your cat's purrsonality (or a cat you know if you don't have one) Or anything else if this doesn't grab you.

* ⬅⬅⬅ Acronyms and strange terms in left sidebar!  
Love and stay safe,


  1. Fitz looks so dapper in his new attire! He is a real fashion i-cat! I think Coco would be with Ophelia in the 'No, not doing it!' mode!
    I sent you my email with my entry numbers from the hop! I was so happy to get 5 cards done, pics taken and posted! Yay me! >^..^<

  2. FURRtastic! Your kitty looks just like my precious Cassi!

  3. Well, not only am I impressed with your makes, but I'm super impressed that you got your kitties to model them for you! I guess we'll have to let Ophelia slide this time. lol And how sweet of you to make some masks for three of the winners - keeping my fingers crossed for sure! I'm getting tired of the same old ugly blue DR mask. lol

  4. My cat would not let me near her to dress her! But, these are just the sweetest!!!! Love the bowtie!

  5. Lol!! That sound you heard was me screaming with laughter at this super catwalk extravaganza. The business tie and collar just cracked me up...but I have to say the bow tie looks really awesome on handsome Fitz. How exciting to possibly win a cat mask now, as well as your other prizes.

  6. What a perfect model!! I love the one in the tie where Fitz is looking up! Nose in the air! LOL he's a winner! Gorgeous fashion parade!! Happy hopping with Cat Lovers!

  7. Great catwalk! Such a cooperative model too. No divas in your house. Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Popping over from the Cat Lovers Hop... OMGoodness, these are amazing! Love the pics!

  9. One of my cats would have looked fabulous in the shirt and tie. Love your model.

  10. Oh my goodness! These all are awesome!!! And you have the Purrfect Model! Gorgeous kitty! Love them all! Looks like you did a great job!

  11. I could sit and admire Fitz for hours. He looks fantabulous in that business business shirt and tie, but equally debonair in his big bow tie. The bandana is purr-fect for those casual Fridays at the office, haha! Thumbs and paws up to this kitty fashion show for the Cat Lovers Hop!

  12. Fitz looks so handsome in all his finery. What an amazing cat, to let you dress him up! If I'd tried that with my cats I would have ended up needing stitches all the way up each arm!

  13. Look at this cute kitty posing !
    these are all so nice designs!

  14. Love the way you style your cat! I would style mine using scarf to make it into a rose.

    1. My entries numbers are: 6, 27, 52, 91 and 124.

  15. OMGoodness, the cuteness! What a fab model Fitz is! So handsome! You are very creative, Alex! I predict these to be a very hot seller! I think my boys Honeydew and Kiwi would both go for the classic bow-tie but I think Snowie might look cute in the bandana!

    Before I forget, here are my lucky entry numbers: 9, 33, 77, 98, 133. Thank you!

    And thanks for all of the awesome kitty inspiration all week!

  16. Alex, I love all of these projects but the bow tie is the one tht really grabs my attention! Fabulous creations. :-D

  17. Ooops, I forgot to give you my lucky entry numbers: #8, #38, #66, #97 & #138. Thank you.

  18. Oh my gosh! Neck wear cat walk! Hilarious! Fitz love the name! My two cats are Maggie the Calico and Star the Russian Blue!

  19. These are awesome! Your cat is amazing, because none of mine would have ever let us put anything around their necks. LOL!

  20. Oh, awesome makes and fabulous model. What fun. Hugz

  21. How cute, cuddly and utterly adorable is Fitz! He looks charming in all of his new attire, but I'm particularly drawn to his bow tie and bless that little paw that he is holding up <3

  22. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Alex....these neckwear fashions for cats are hysterical!!! Fitz is quite the dapper gentleman in his poses....and so well behaved. I would have needed to drug my cats to put anything on them and then they would have been staggering down the catwalk like drunken sailors!! Ha. Wow...you really outdid yourself with these wonderful pieces!!

    I am finally on the homestretch of visiting and commenting on all the awesome cat projects! I have had a lot of fun looking at everyone's work. Thank you so much for going cat crazy with us during the #2020CatLoversHop!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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