09 November, 2020

Giveaway Closed and Info...


Thank you so much to everyone who visited my blog and played along in the giveaway!

I meant to have the results all sorted by today (Monday my time), but I'll do the prize draw on video as usual and I definitely need tomorrow (but hopefully not as long as my Wednesday) for that and to pin down TallCraftyDude to pick his favourite.

I do apologise, but I think I overdid things yesterday and am paying the price somewhat today,  I never was good at things in moderation.  Ohs well! 🤷🏼‍♀️

As I mentioned before he takes his role very seriously and will continue taking graphic design through his final two years of high school!

Don't worry, I'll spam all my socials when the winners have been drawn!

Until then,


Love, and Kitty Kisses!


  1. Sounds great, Alex! Please take it easy and feel better! Love the cat video clips!

  2. I love the cat video clips too! Take care and the Tall Crafty Dude will decide when he's ready to decide ;)

  3. Love the smooches from this cute kitty! Feel better soon!

  4. Love that cat gif LOL. Take care. Feel better soon. Hugz