01 November, 2020

Cat Lovers Hop Project #6 and Stick It Down November DT Layout

Hello Lovelies

 I know some of you are here from the

Cat Lovers Hop and others from Stick It Down so bear with me!

November was my turn to be a "featured" designer on the SID sketch reveal, so mine is ready before the single page team reveals their work (typically the second week of the month).


I'll get onto the sketch and all that in a minute.  Before I do I want to say that while the official Cat Lover Hop is finished,  I'm still making projects since I'm not closing my giveaway until Friday, so please keep following me on m socials to get a heads up for new projects and chances to win.

OK so this month's sketch for Stick It Down's single page design team looked like this:

I never need an invitation to scrapbook cats and this one touches a little on our 'Rona experience and the story is short so I may end up writing a much longer one as an insert, but basically we didn't stockpile anything.  We just don't have that "me first" mentality. 

 Nobody was sure what would happen in the early days so I can understand to an extent.  Friends with a large family gave us some stuff "just in case".  We were able to return the favour when some of NotPinkCraftyHubster's restaurant social media clients offered to include us in their commercial orders of flour and yeast so we bought a 12.5kg (almost 28lb?) bag of flour and 500g/1lb bag of dry yeast for ourselves and the family who insisted Andrew take some stuff that they probably couldn't spare but wouldn't take no for an answer.  We knew it would be ok and it was.

Ophelia aka Pheeps aka PhiPha has mixed feelings about the relatively empty shelves and our pitiful stockpiling efforts.  No cat treats and just small quantities of staples that we have on hand anyway!  OTOH she does like hanging out on shelves so there's that!

The first thing I realised was that in order to accommodate the image with Pheephs facing to the right, I'd have to mirror the sketch.  Not a problem!  It was a pretty easy change to make.

Since I wasn't feeling 100% so I kept things simple.  I started by looking at the two covid themed/inspired collections by Photoplay.  I decided early on to fussy cut some of the rainbows to use in place of the stars since rainbows are a sort of lockdown symbol during the 'Rona (think Rainbow Trail).  I also wanted to incorporate some of the toilet paper images party because that's what everyone was hoarding and partly because I'm really an 11 year old boy trapped in a middle age woman's body and I fund stuff like that much funnier than it should be!

Next I needed paper layers.  I wanted something other than white for the background and since y Amy Tangerine Late Afternoon paper pad was nearby I grabbed one from there.  

The colours in the photo are dark and brooding, aren't they?  I wanted something bright to set them off, yet at the same time keeping that feel.  Late Afternoon was doing that for me, but I needed something to bridge the gape between it and the very cartoony any lighthearted Photoplay.  Shimelle's woodgrain from Never Grow Up was perfect.  I wanted a woodgran anyway as a nod to the wooden shelves.

In the end, other than the rainbows and some fussy cut TP and word motifs, I didn't end up using the Photoplay,  It's OK cos it was part of the overall process.

The rainbow paper in the background and the actual rainbows made me want to make a stack of photo mats in the rainbow colours!  And a fat stack it was too, but I love love love layering up paper!

I added an extra cluster of embellies above the pic and jornaling across the top.  I threw on a few non paper embellied and goldmist sprinkles as an afterthough.  

In the quest to find a substitute for my rapidly dwindling bottle of "Heidi Shine", I tried the Kaisercraft gold mist and so far it's the closest in colour, opacity and viscosity so I think we have a winner!






This is How We Stockpile

Giveaway Prizes 

🐱 Update! Since my first project (the cat masks) caused so much excitement, the three winners of the physical prizes can pick a cat fabric and I will make a mask to go with their prize (if they would like one).

Please understand that I can't do it for the electronic gift card prize, since it would mean shipping costs and the value of the gift card takes into account that I don't have to spend money on shipping.  Thanks so much!

 MFT "Purr-Fect Friends" Stamp Set











Jane Davenport "Purr-fect Cat" Stamp Set











Cat Embellie Pack 

with stickers, clips and half of the Echo Park "I Love My Cat" paper pad 











"Max's Choice" Bonus Prize

A gift card to the crafty store of your choice to the value of $20USD (or equivalent in your currency) to the closest denomination of card available.

Giveaway Rules

📌 I have three items (and a bonus fourth prize) to give away (pictured below) and I'll pull three names for the first three prizes.

📌For the  fourth "bonus" prize: it will go to someone who has entered the main blog hop (please let me know your project numbers if you would like to be considered.  You can wait til the blog hop is over (but before the close of the giveaway) to do this since the order changes sometimes.)

📌 The first name drawn gets first choice, second name gets second choice and so on.  Bonus prize will be TallCraftyDude's favourite project!

📌 This Giveaway is NOT SPONSORED.  I purchased the prizes especially for this giveaway.  This year I picked stuff other than just stamp sets to mix it up a bit


What Do You Have to Do?

You will receive an entry (or entries) for each of the following.  You absolutely don't have to do everything - just how ever many you like.

If you have previously followed my socials then these are already counted for you!  (unfollowers will not be counted)
📌 The giveaway will remain open until 11:59PM AEDT on Friday 6 November.   Please visit THIS SITE to calculate in your own timezone
📌 The winner will be drawn on Monday 9 November so PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE
❗If the winner and I can't make contact by Monday 16 November, I will have to draw a new winner since I need to get these prizes out all together.
❗Please try to email me at alex@pinkcraftymama.com This really is the easiest way for me to get in touch with you since not all blogger profiles have an email attached and if you JUST leave comments, I have no other place to search for you.

So...what do you have to do to get entries?

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Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions at alex@pinkcraftymama.com

If you're entering the giveaway, comment below and tell me...If your cat was in charge of stockpiling for lockdown, what would s/he buy? Doesn't have to be just food!  Or anything else if this doesn't grab you.
Love and stay safe,


  1. Great layout! That cat button is purrfect! I love how crafting is so timely and vintage at the same time.

  2. Fun page!
    Coco would stockpile her favorite Greenies Dental Treats and all of the Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers flavors!

  3. Oh my gosh, those fussy cut tp rolls...haha! We didn't stockpile either, but we usually have more tp stored in our garage than 5 families can use , so it was all good. My kitty Teddy would have stockpiled vellum and scrapbook page protectors, so he had plenty on hand to pee on...sigh. Other than that, they would all have just left the worrying to me. In other words, typical cats!

  4. This is so funny, Alex! I very much enjoy your kitty pages! Thank you for the closeups of your journalling too! We didn't stockpile anything at the beginning of the lockdown but we always have extras on hand anyway as we buy when things are on sale. I am not sure what our cats would stockpile if given the opportunity, maybe extra cat food. I had fun during the hop but love making cat cards all year long so I am happy to see your cat projects continue! Keep them coming! Thanks for the awesome giveaways too!

  5. Love your layout. I do not own a cat now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. This layout is a perfect cats-eye view of what the hoomanz are up to (or NOT up to) in 2020. Absolutely gorgeous. And I do love your description of yourself as having an 11 year old schoolboy's mind trapped in a middle aged woman's body, I'm just the same (except that in my mid 60s it would really be a bit of a stretch trying to call myself middle aged)

  7. Oh, how purrrrfect of a layout!! Love all your fun embellies. I don't own a cat - I share one with my next door neighbor and she'd love for me to stockpile lizards!! haha I do own a small parrot named Rocky (who actually tells me 'I'm a kitty cat, meow meow') and he would have me stockpile 'cookies' (walnuts) ... good, good, good, good, good cookies! lol

  8. When I first saw your sneak peek of this layout, I thought the rolls of toilet paper were toasted marshmallows...lol! What a great layout of a (I hope anyway) once-in-a-lifetime event. I love the way you journaled around the edges. No cats here, but if there were, they would probably want me to stockpile extra kitty treats.

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