30 December, 2019

EWF Design Team Sketch Challenge Part II (using Oct CKC Kit!)

Hello lovelies!

I'm finally FINALLY (at long last) bringing you Part 2 of the Embellish With Flair sketch challenge which Heather and I did together...during October! 🙈

I know it's also December.  LATE December.  Soz, lovelies!  I actually had finished it over a month ago, but since I did a process video (and one with soooo much more raw footage than anticipated) editing has happened sporadically between other things.

It was actually rather involved and as usual I made it far more work than it needed to be!  But that's what I do. Every.Single.Time! 🤦

Heather really put me to the challenge with this sketch.  Definitely not my usual sort of style, but they don't call it a challenge for nothing, right?

I have no idea how I decided to use this sketch with this photo of my adorable niece on her very first Book Week.  I'm pretty sure there was a suitably convoluted train of thought with led to this decision, but overall I think it worked. 🤷

I used my October Counterfeit Kit (I know🤦) for this layout (well mostly.  I did use a ton of scraps...)

I do recommend you watch the process video (below) since I do go into that a little bit as well as walking you though how I made it.  I'm warning you...it's a bit of an ordeal!  I distinguish myself by making a fairly simple task faaaar more complicated than it needs to be!

The rough gesso on the background and anything needing to stick on the seam lines of the "circles" needs more than your average adhesive which gives you three options:

1.  Wet Glue.  Liquid Glue.  Whatever you want to call it.  You need something fairly robust and I hatehatehate any that dry tacky.  Why?  Because my hand-eye co-ordination is lacking at the best of times,  Occasionally it must be resorted to, but normally:

2.  Hot glue.  Even more messy.  Sometimes necessary, but waiting for ancient fossilized lump (which was once a stick) inside glue gun to melt then having to interrupt crafting in order to treat 3rd degree burns is something I'd prefer to avoid if I possibly can.

3.  Glue Dots.  Fast, clean, easy and they come in all the strengths and sizes.  This is my personal preference. They've been part of my life "these 20 years at least". (My fellow Janeites will get the reference!!)

Yes I do actually speak that way and my fambam know when to insert which quote!

Here are the still pics I promised you:

Title (with lots of messy threads! 😍)

"Tone on tone" embellishments and stitching detail

Fussy cut books embellished with tiny Wonder Woman stickers

Large book cut on the Silhouette

That name card that caused ever so much grief (and I still cant stick in s straight line despite multiple attempts! 🙈)

Lilya's First Book Week

Thanks for sticking with me and hope the vid wasn't too frustrating!

Love, and Embellish With Flair!


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