14 October, 2019

October Counterfeit Kit

Now, before you go all

on me,  allow me to explain!

I actually did curate the kit by the end of the first week of October, except I had deadlines which bumped any video or photos of the kit down my to-do list and I was trying to decide which was the lesser of the two evils when it came to documenting this particular Kit Of Doom.

In the end, I decided I had to get it done and my decision was made for me in that NotPinkCraftyHubster (aka The Photography Department) required the use of the camera for an actual photography assignment, so I was left with my phone which meant photos since logistics of shooting an overhead video would currently involve duct tape.

Now on to the topic at hand:
I really loved the story of how the inspiration kit for October was chosen for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  I also loved the choice of kit itself!

In terms of quantity (and you know I have major problems in this area!🙈🙈🙈), I decided to do what I did when I used to belong to a couple of kit clubs (though never Studio Calico) and create a main kit and add-on for each one I would actually buy.

I did fairly well sticking to quantities within each kit.  The only exception was a few extra embellishments (SC is typically a bit lighter in this area compared to some) and alphas.

Here are the Studio Calico versions and my counterfeit for each:

Studio Calico Summer of 69 Main Kit

The thing that struck me about this kit was the slightly emotional presence of manufacturers who either are no longer in business or no longer make patterned paper.  There is a lot of Basic Grey and October Afternoon.  My next thought was that all it wanted was Sassafras and Cosmo Cricket to make the reunion of such brands complete (all four hold a large place in my heart), which is why I'm calling my kit:

The Four Friends 

(after the poem by AA Milne)

I tried (more or less) to pick one embellishment to equal each one in the inspiration kit (plus a few extra).  Admittedly some of the things I included (like die cuts) were a lot more...abundant?? than the die cuts they were supposed to equate too.  Oops.  Another oops is I forgot to add the flair to the photo, but I promise it's there!

I left in the pink Mini Market alphabet stickers despite my general policy of usually just including Thickers and pulling in smaller ones as needed.  I added in at least one extra set of Thickers per add-on.

I'm glad I tried to find alternative images of the papers online since the colouring in the original photos isn't really true in some cases, yet other papers in the same photo look OK.  I do apologise for the quality of my photos and light glare etc.  It couldn't be helped this time!

Here are the papers on their own with the side I chose to represent the side in the original kit.

Some are even the same!  Surprisingly I went for similar cardstock too which I rarely do.  My orange is the Bazzil Dotted Swiss with the embossed dots and the white is the woodgrain print from last month.  I think the pink and kraft are pretty similar.

(And the backs in case you're interested)

Now you know I often pick one paper to represent the "A-side" of the one in the inspiration kit and another for the "B-side".  Among the various add-ons on offer, there is a second set of papers in the main kit.  Studio Calico (SC) kits tend to have a pretty specific A side, so that's what I based my main kit and each add-on on and used the B-side of the patterned paper add-ons for my extra paper add-ons.  Make sense?  No, I didn't expect as much, but have a look and see what I mean.

Summer of 69 More Patterned Paper Add-On
(B-sides pictured)

Four Friends Extra Paper Add-On

I know the largeish cameras are a bit of a stretch to represent the tiny brick like pattern on the bottom right, but there was little I could cut out in what I had picked so far and they're kinda arranged like bricks...🤷🤷🤷

(And the backs in case you're interested)

There were four add-on kits (of varying sizes) offered by SC for August of 2012.  The names are suitably retro and fitting for the "Summer of 69".  I'm going to run with my Four Friends theme too,  Rather than naming each after the four animal friends in the original poem, I'm going to name each after some more well-known animal friends also of AA Milne's creation.  Yes I know there are more than four, but humour me, OK? 😂

Mama's Porch SC Add-On

Winnie-The-Pooh Add-On

A whole box of random wood veneer to equal three tiny pegs? But in some of the kits I didn't even bother picking an item to equal say tags or a bit of ribbon, because I knew I already threw in quite a bit extra and I'll likely mix the kits as I always do.

I forgot to snap a pic of the "A-side" of the papers by themselves, but you can more-or-less make them out.

(And the backs in case you're interested)

Drive In SC Add-On

The black and white paper in the bottom right is a specialty sort of stitching paper.  Initially I was leaning to using a specialty paper in it's place, but in the end I just picked a "bonus" paper.  It's also bottom right in my kit.

Tigger Add-On

The papers on their own: 

(And the backs in case you're interested)

Six String SC Add-On

Eeyore Add-On

Instead of the die cut sheet, I chose a cut-apart sheet.  The sequin mix I pulled in had colours that would work as well as many larger ones similar to those in the original inspiration kit.  I also changed my mind about including an alphabet stamp set.  I have all those extra Thickers so wont end up using it.

(And the backs in case you're interested)

The woodgrain is the back of the cut-apart sheet.  I considered it an embellishment as was the die cut sheet in the original kit, but I guess I forgot between taking the photo of the front and back! 🤦🤦🤦

Five & Dime SC Add-On

Piglet Add-On

 The smallest add-on of them all, but I did forget to include one packet of embellies in the photo (yes, AGAIN!) so that doesn't help!

 (And the backs in case you're interested)


Alex's Add-On Patterned Paper

The camera paper on the left is my substitution for a second sheet of the specialty stitching paper which appears in the photo of the original in the top right corner.

(And the backs in case you're interested)

Thanks so much for hanging in there!  I know I'm unlikely to use this up this month (or even come close), but there are so many special papers that I'm going to leave it intact - at least for a while.

Love and curious curating,


  1. Oh, Mylanta!!! O, Queen of Deluxe Grand Scrapbooking Kits!!! You reign supreme, my online crafty diva friend!!! Get to posting some awesome projects full of layers and embellishment clusters!!!! I'm waiting!!! :)

  2. Love, love, love! You have outdone yourself with this kit! I could play with it for a long time and not get tired of it. Love the names you have given your kit and add-on kits - they are perfect. Looking forward to seeing your creations!

  3. WOW! That is a big kit with plenty to keep you busy. Beautiful colours and embellies to go with them. Have fun using your kit!

  4. Wow. Wow and wow again. You have some gorgeous kits here but wow, that's a lot of product ;-) ha ha ha ! I love love love that you called it the Four Friends because that's how I feel about those four manufacturers too - I'll be so sad when my selection of papers and products from them are all used up. I'm surprised at how many of ht original kit papers you have - seems like a lot! And such great embellies. How many pages do you expect to get from all those supplies?!?!? Fabulous!

  5. Can I come over to your house and scrap??!! I love the 4 manuf tie in- I too loved all 4 and am clinging on to the last bits I have left of OA and Cosmo Cricket lol. Fantastic kit and I hope you get tons of time to craft this month