06 December, 2019

Hello Limited Edition Layout (Quilter's Vibe)

Hello Lovelies!!

Today I'm sharing with you my project that I made for the monthly Quilter's Vibe YouTube collaboration started by Sara Scraps.  It's traditionally the last Thursday of the month, except this month it was bumped a week because I wasn't the only one swamped! 😅

How it works is that the four(?) ladies who take part take turns picking out a quilt or quilt block, but something quilty which we can interpret in any way into a layout (and of course YouTube process

This is the inspiration for November on the right.  I'm afraid I don't know whose photo (or quilt) this is, otherwise I would credit the appropriate makers.  If you let me know in the comments, I'll edit the post with your deets!  I was just given the image.   Sorry!


Here's my process video if you prefer to head right over to that:

If you watch my video, you'll see how I managed to wreak havoc on a lovely, calm, understated inspiration piece and inject all kinds of crazy into it!  🤣🤣🤣

I also managed to use FOUR flair badges!😛

Two from the "3 Tone Stars Pinks" set and two from the "3 Tone Stars Grey-Black" set, which fit my colours and fun vibe perfectly!

In addition, I was super pleased to use some of my every increasing collection of "frames".  I got FOUR onto this page!  *cue Happy Dance*. You can also see some of the stitching detail above.

I finished by stitching down aaaallll those buttons using two strands of embroidery floss and a slightly larger needle.  A typical skein of floss is six stranded.  The chipboard button have large holes and this way I could get each one stitched down much faster!

I busted out some very precious and super "rare" paper from the vault (who remembers "Love, Elsie" by KI Memories??), managed to measure and cut wrong, change my mind several times and show a somewhat disturbing inability to count to nine.  🙈

In my defense, there was a tradie cutting floor tiles next door and not only can you hear his saw on the video, it never fails to give me a headache.  But it's life, right? 🤷

I have to say I don't often do grid-type layouts, but I have enjoyed them whenever a challenge has some my way.

Speaking of challenges, I still owe you (and Heather) Part ii of the October sketch challenge over at EWF!  It's finished, but I need to edit the vid etc, so it should follow this one in a few days.

Here's the whole thing:

Hello Limited Edition

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Love, and Embellish With Flair