27 October, 2021

2021 Cat Hop Day 2



Hello Lovelies!

This one will be super short in an attempt to get in sync with Janis's timing.  I wasn't planning to make anything today either after surveying my craftermath in dismay. 

I mean it's always pretty bad, but today it's even worse after several days of frenetic colouring (and I still can't find my BV00 marker).

You may find I go back later and change the date/time the posts are published, but your comments are safe and I'll add a list of all my posts at the end so you can check you've seen them all. 

That being said, I do want to get my make on.  I will have a "May I Scraplift You" process video on Saturday (Cat themed of course) but 27 October is Black Cat Day (as distinct from Black Cat Appreciation Day in August).

Seems like a good time to make something inspired by our very own dearly departed house panther.  My thumbnail in blogger was created for me and inspired by him.  The one and only Fossett (known as Fossy). 

I have some adulting to get out the way, but I also have some scrappy things to finish before the end of the month.  🤔 Tough choice! 

It means I have to print photos and printing photos means I have help whether I want it or not.  See what I mean?

Please don't forget to register with Janis and all the info and links you need can be found on Janis's MAIN HOP PAGE

Giveaway Info

Giveaway Rules

📌I Have TWO electronic gift cards to the crafty store of your choice (Value $20USD or approx equivalent in your currency)

 📌One prize will be a random draw and the second prize will go to someone who has entered the main blog hop (please let me know your project numbers if you would like to be considered.  You can wait til the blog hop is over (but before the close of the giveaway) to do this since the order changes sometimes.)

The second prize is traditionally TallCraftyDude's favourite project!

📌 This Giveaway is NOT SPONSORED, but costs lovingly covered by yours truly as a way to support the hard work Janis puts in every.single.year!

What Do You Have to Do?

You will receive an entry (or entries) for each of the following.  You absolutely don't have to do everything - just how ever many you like.

If you have previously followed my socials then these are already counted for you!  (unfollowers will not be counted)
📌 The giveaway will remain open until 11:59PM AEDT on Sunday 7 November.   Please visit THIS SITE to calculate in your own timezone
📌 The winner will be drawn on Wednesday 10 November so PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE
❗If the winner and I can't make contact by Wednesday 17 November, I will have to draw a new winner since I need to get these prizes out all together.
❗Please try to email me at alex@pinkcraftymama.com This really is the easiest way for me to get in touch with you since not all blogger profiles have an email attached and if you JUST leave comments, I have no other place to search for you.

So...what do you have to do to get entries?

🐈 Follow this blog - 2 entries (in the left sidebar)
🐈 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel - 3 entries
🐈 Follow me on Facebook - 2 entries
🐈 Follow me on Instagram - 1 entry
🐈 Comment (once per day per person) on a project post between now and the close of the giveaway - 1 entry per post. 

Please don't hesitate to  email me with any questions at alex@pinkcraftymama.com

If you're entering the giveaway, comment below and tell me...Have you ever had a black cat?  What's the best thing about black cats?

* ⬅⬅⬅ Acronyms and strange terms in left sidebar!  
Love and stay safe,


  1. Hello Alex. Fitz looks gorgeous. Hugz

  2. Fitz is a handsome fellow! I have a helper too! I just wish I could teach Coco to help me put stuff away!

  3. Absolutely hysterical video of Fossy, Alex. It has me giggling and gave me such an uplift. Reminds me of my own dear Queenie who has been obsessed with the printer since she was a kitten. There's a photo of her (the calico) on my blog, biting at a just-printed digi page as it escapes the printer! She can hear it from anywhere in the house when it begins to churn right before pulling paper from the tray and she runs for the desk where it sits and watches as the paper comes through, often slapping or biting at it. There's no leaving the printer unattended as it works because she'll run off with whatever was printed!

  4. OMGoodness, that video is the CUTEST! He is having a ball with that little printer! What a cutie-patootie! I haven't had a black cat but I would say the best thing about black cats is their soft coat that I would love to brush and cuddle! Thank you for your generous giveaway - I already follow you everywhere :-)

  5. I currently have a black cat named Maverick. He's so sleek. Very different from any other cat I've owned. He also is a great talker. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  6. I could watch Fossy watch the photos print all day! Kitties always look so adorable when they express their curious side..especially when they are as sweet and plush looking as he is.
    I follow you on all social media, and I love the way that black cat's eyes really stand out against all the dark fur.

  7. Oh my, this is just hysterical! So fun!!
    Our visitor cat, Anna Banana, is black & gold
    with green eyes. She's a beauty!

  8. Fitz is so sweet, as only a cat can be, as he watches the printer crank out those photos.I think he's watching for one of him! I've never had a black cat, but I love them in every color. My Bailey was a deep gray tuxedo cat with golden eyes.
    I entered five projects in the hop, with the last one not yet posted. My posted projects so far are #34, #36, #79, and #144. The fifth one will be featured on Janis' blog on the last day so am waiting to upload that one until tomorrow. Thanks so much for offering prizes and sharing your cat projects!

  9. Cats are fun alot
    of the time and
    your furbaby is
    so pretty! I follow
    you everywhere!
    Carla from Arizona

  10. Fitz is so cute!
    yes I had black cat.
    best is that you cant see them in the dark :D

  11. How curious was Fitz, so adorable?! I so wish to see his expression, Haha..

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  14. Oh, I love that fabulous video!! Your Fitzy is adorable and so curious about that tantalizing printer. So cute!
    Thank you for being so generous with your giveaways, Alex. You are so sweet. I follow and subscribe to all of the platforms you mentioned.
    Answering the question...wait isn't that the question from Day 3??? I am working backwards, forwards, and inside-out so I did Day 3 before Day 2. Yes, we have 3 solid black short-haired cats and 1 solid black long-haired. I love their mysterious eyes that seem to be their only facial feature from a distance. They are wonderful cats!
    My entry is #199.
    Did I actually manage to answer everything???? Probably not. Ha.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful part you are playing in our 2021 Cat Lovers Hop.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  15. Oh, I love Fitz! What a fabulous little helper! He is beautiful, and I love his pretty big eyes! We have four kitties with black fur in our lives; P.J. (black), Miley (Tortishell), Nipsy (black), and Tux (black with white). I guess technically five with black, as Leo is a gray and black tiger striped Swirly Tabby. I love black kitties; they are sweethearts!

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