29 October, 2021

2021 Cat Hop Day 5


Hi Lovelies

I honestly meant to do a Day 4 post.  It's a long story which I will explain soon.  Which brings me to my next point - you may have noticed my giveaway is open a full week after the hop ends.  I do try to keep adding extra posts and projects during this time so to give yourself the most chances to enter please keep checking back here.

I also put a list of links to any of my blog posts at the bottom (just scroll down all the way) which give you entries so you can check you've seen them all.

Today is another make for Janis again using a digital image by Ike's Art who has been sponsoring the Cat Hop for all 7 years!  Thank You Ike!

This year Janis will feature one of six images each day and today it's this sleepy looking kitty on his comfy cushion.

Ike had put some shading onto the cat and a bit on the cushion, so I didn't have to think too hard about where to put shadows.  I just rolled with it!  I went with grey since it would lend itself to such shading and of course my Fitzy is (mostly) grey!

My friend Sara Scraps has a Facebook group called Rediscover Your Stash.  Each month there is a product focus and for October is washi tape.  I knew I was going to use washi on this card.  And what better time to use all my cat washi!

The day I finished this I couldn't seem to find a decent spot for photography - too dark or too light, but you get the idea!

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📌I Have TWO electronic gift cards to the crafty store of your choice (Value $20USD or approx equivalent in your currency)

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The second prize is traditionally TallCraftyDude's favourite project!

📌 This Giveaway is NOT SPONSORED, but costs lovingly covered by yours truly as a way to support the hard work Janis puts in every.single.year!

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❗If the winner and I can't make contact by Wednesday 17 November, I will have to draw a new winner since I need to get these prizes out all together.
❗Please try to email me at alex@pinkcraftymama.com This really is the easiest way for me to get in touch with you since not all blogger profiles have an email attached and if you JUST leave comments, I have no other place to search for you.

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Bonus Project 1 
If you're entering the giveaway, comment below and tell me...What's the most unusual cat's name you've come across?
Please don't hesitate to  email me with any questions at alex@pinkcraftymama.com

* ⬅⬅⬅ Acronyms and strange terms in left sidebar!  
Love and stay safe,


  1. Oooo, what gorgeous coloring on that sweet cat, Alex! I know how hard it is to shade or highlight dark gray shades and you did it beautifully. Thanks for being one of Janis' Guest Designers. I'd do it every year if she asked me. :-D

    1. Adding to this my five entry numbers in the Hop: #11, #61, #82, #134, & #152. I've followed you everywhere except Instagram because I don't have an account there.

  2. Fabulous coloring on this kitty, and I love the washi tape background! Funny thing, of all the washi tape I have, I don't think I have any with kitty designs!
    My neighbor has a black cat named Carbon. I think that's a fun name for him and one that I never would have thought of!

    1. My entry numbers.... 31, 42, 119, 188, 189.

  3. Love all that washi tape - a great way to make your own BG! Fabulous card. I think our furry friend, Anna Banana, is unusual!

  4. I am 65, 93, 128 and 185. The most unusual name is Crookshanks from the Harry Potter books. It was Hermoine's cat. Lovely coloring on the kitty and the cushion looks like velvet or velour. Thank you for guest designing and your generous gift for the Cat Lover's hop. [Bunny]

  5. I always forget to answer the question so I'm going to do that first! lol..
    Someone brought in a black and white spotted mama kitty with babies to a clinic my vet hubby was at. Her name was Milk Cow. We all thought that was such a fun and appropriate name for a nursing mama cat. Turns out they called her that because her spotted pattern reminded them of a Holstein dairy cow! lol..

    Thank you, Alex, for Guest Designing for us with this gorgeous card. This sweet kitty on the cushion is such a wonderful image and your coloring is just amazing...love that you made this kitty look like your gray one!! And way to go using your kitty washi tape....makes such a fun and beautiful background.

    Thank you for your lovely giveaways! I follow and subscribe to all your social media spots. I will have to get my project posted so I can tell you a number. :) Thanks for all your encouragement and for your help with the Hop!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  6. You've colored the black cat wonderfully! Such a sweet card!

  7. I love everything about this card, from the beautifully colored kitty to the use of washi take to form a background..so fun!I follow you in every way possible, but I draw the line at actual stalking! My projects are 34, 36, 79,144, and 183. Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects and for offering a giveaway. I had planned to offer one this year again as well, but life and dental emergencies got in the way.

  8. Ooops,forgot to say the most unsual cat name I've ever heard, but it was probably our Bubby. My husband named him Monty, but it somehow morphed into Bubby..which really did fit him best.

  9. Such a lovely image
    and card.
    Carla from Arizona

  10. Hello from Hop Cat Lovers! Cute cat, I love it.

  11. Waving hi from the Cat Lovers Hop! Your card is absolutely gorgeous! I'm always in awe of your coloring skills! And the background paper looks stunning! Beautiful card and I've really enjoyed seeing all of your projects!

  12. Love this card!
    so adorable! unusual cat name I heard is Ramona.
    I think thats strange because its name for girls :D
    Hello from Cat lovers Blog Hop!

  13. Love the cat on a cushion. I'm sure he laid right down after he posed for this stamp! My neighbor's cat is named Alcide which is Hercules in French. Such a clever name I thought.

  14. Wowzers, I love your colouring on this card too! I think you could use those same markers for black cats as well. Really love the washi tape too! Very pretty card! Hmmm, for an unusual cat's name I would have to go with Neelix, which was Brian's mother's cat's name, and he was named after the character on Star Trek Voyager. Thank you for your generous giveaway!

  15. Love kitty sitting on the cushion!

    Val S – LeighSBDesigns DT

  16. Love that cute kitty and all the washi tape. This reminds me that I need to raid my daughter's washi tape collection and use it on cards. My project numbers are: 24, 39, 110, and 149 and I follow on IG, Youtube and FB.
    The most unusual name I've heard is my neighbor's cat, whose name is Desmond. He does look very dignified when he sits on the fence, lol.
    Thanks for being a guest designer on the Cat Lovers Hop and sharing your cards with us!

  17. I am loving this card sooo much! Your coloring is wonderful, and I love how you used the variety of kitty washi tapes! This is a beautiful card! So glad you shared it on the Cat Hop! :)

    1. Oops, forgot the question again! DER! We called Tux "Meow Meow Meow" for a while. Not the best name! lol...

  18. So adorable card. My neighbour names her Kitty: 匹诺曹. Which is pinocchio in English. Kinda unusual.

  19. Gorgeous kitty, absolutely love the rainbow background paper on the diagonal too! Gorgeous work, so glad to have visited your blog this past week, happy hopping from Cat Lovers Hop!

  20. The colouring on your black cat is outstanding, Alex and he looks fabulous on the washi tape background. Fabulous work in every way! x

  21. Love the washi tape background for this cat. My son named our cat Sabre because he was in fencing class at the time.

  22. That's really wonderful. Your colouring is gorgeous and I love the Washi tape background. Thank you for using one of my images :-)
    Visiting from the Cat Lovers' Hop.
    IKE =^..^=

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