21 July, 2020

Looking for MASKS?

You've come to the right place!

I'm not looking to make this some kind of major endeavor, but you've come in contact (either personally or virtually) with one of my masks and here's the lowdown (will be updated as I get more info)

Firstly, I need to point out that I'm not a professional seamstress!  It's one of my crafty hobbies so the mask wont be absolutely perfect, BUT it will be made with love (or at the very least with no cussing!).

Please also keep in mind that my masks are made on a domestic sewing machine.  I try to make them as sturdy as I can, but it's not possible to achieve the same result as commercial equipment and the price reflects this.
I can't guarantee the effectiveness or longevity of the masks.  They simply haven't been worn long enough, but since masks became compulsory until now (Nov 2020) , none of the ones I have made for NotPinkCraftyHubster have broken and he has worn them daily being an essential worker.

The masks are not medical grade or certified to protect.  The thickness of the fabrics also vary, so if you have any concerns, please email alex@pinkcraftymama.com prior to ordering,

Here's the link to the section on MASKS on the DHHS website

What kind of masks are you selling and how much?

Pocket Mask

$10 Standard Size or $12 Custom Measurements

Has an opening to insert an optional "filter".  If you're considering this kind please read the info on filters further down.  It also has a "slot" for an optional and removable nose wire.  I include a wire with each type of mask of this kind, but not a filter.

What about delivery?

Price includes free delivery within Australia.   I can get a quote for overseas shipping if you like.
OR contact free pick up from Sunbury (3429)

Is it one size fits all?

Nope.  Please refer to the table of available sizes in the ECWID store or you can select a custom size.  If in doubt it's better to go a bit bigger since you can fold it under your chin and you can tie a knot to make it smaller or use one of the many "ear saving" type devices on the market at the present time. 

The price above reflects "standard" sizes eg small female, average male.  If you would like custom measurements the cost is $12

What's this about filters?

Filters add extra layers and extra protection.  Please please don't cut up vacuum cleaner bags for this purpose.  Not only is it expensive since they should be thrown away after each use, but many vacuum bags are made of glass microfibres.  Definitely not what you want to be breathing in!

I use a dried out baby wipe folded in half.  The material is tightly woven and different to the fabric of the masks as recommended by DHHS.  If a double layer feels like too much, then just cut the wipe in half.  Just remember to discard after each use and wash the mask after each use.

Also remove the nose wire prior to washing mask and sanitize before reinserting!!

I'll have some fabric choices up as I can.  Some fabrics I have in large quantities and other I have enough for just 1-2 masks, but I have a lot of choices and many of similar style.  It'll be first come first served for the moment (unless I get a more elegant technical solution to the sales process) so drop me an email at
and if you are after something in particular or even a particular style please ask!  I might well have something that just hasn't been photographed yet.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'll be updating as soon and often as I can.




  1. Good for you, great material for these great masks.
    Take care
    Faith x

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