08 July, 2020

Quilters Vibe June

Hello Lovelies!

Yes I know we're well into July.  But you know I love a good fashionably late entrance, right?  Weeell a combination of dire technical straits (like losing a complete, edited video😭😭😭) and helping a certain TallCraftyDude cram for exams. 😒😒😒
He totally sucked me in when he said something along the lines of: "I really should have spend more time in Class and less time on Discord during remote learning, shouldn't I, Mama?"

So the inspo chosen for June was this gorgeous chevron made of half square triangles.  I decided to use a cut file for the heart, except you can't tell now that it's all done.  Oh well! 🤷

Those colours, though! 😍😍😍

This quilt reminded me of some Paige Evans does with all her collections, so I printed off a few examples which I show in the video and take some of my inspo from there.  Thank you, Paige!

This design was ideal for using the little 2x2 inch swatch books that are unique to Paige's collections.  It was a good place to start.  Being exam-weary, I didn't have much energy to overthink things so I used mostly supplies from Paige Evans collections.  I think I got a little bit from each of them except Take Me Away and maybe Oh My Heart.

Thank goodness for Glue Dots helping thinks stick to machine stitching, but also after many many pulling up and putting down attempts. (you have no idea how many hours of raw video footage is me doing exactly that! 🤦🤦🤦)

Naturally after it was finished I couldn't stop myself fiddling with it, so I added a bunch of rub-ons from the Whimsical rub on sheet.  Mostly faux stitching to go along with the tone-one-tone embellie placement.  And yes, the rub-ons worked just fine!

Here's the video and if you scroll down there are close ups and links to the other girls who vibe along with me each month!

The Title

I don't know what my parents were thinking when they gave her a name with THREE Es!  Didn't they consider one day someone would be trying to spell it with Thickers (and the highly sought after vowels would cause their eldest child much angst??😂)

The Journaling

As always, here's a close up should you wish to read the story:

Awww aren't they the cutest?  Auntie love is the best! 😍😍😍

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Love and Quilty Vibes!


  1. Three "E's" or not this is an awesome page.
    Take care
    Faith x

  2. This is gorgeous, Alex! I love your quilt-like design! Nice photo and beautiful page!