01 September, 2019

Scrap The Boys September Challenge

Hello Lovelies!

This is one I'm particularly excited about since Rachel asked me to be a GUEST DESIGNER this month on Scrap The Boys!

I also really love this month's theme: "Flower Love"

I definitely don;t shy away from using pink or florals or glitter on boy pages.  I don't do it all the time, but when the mood strikes I go for it!  I have one or two albums where I've set myself the challenge of No Pink, but all the rest are a free for all!

I thought I had chosen my photo and had some ideas on my layout, but as I rummaged through my printed photos for an entirely different project, I found this one!  It immediately called to mind a discussion I had with  Zsoka Marko on Paige Evans' Facebook Group.

Zsoka had made a layout for Paige's design team using the lemon slice cut file and I remembered that she had welded the slices in different sizes a bit like I did, only Zsoka used more of them.  I remembered at the time that this particular photo of my crazy SmallCraftyDude would be perfect to use with Paige's cut file so I stored the information away and it all came back to me when I found the photo.

I had forgotten that the cut file was a single lemon slice (and there was also one of a partial slice) so in order to make a column of different sized slices, I had to resize and weld them in Silhouette Studio.  I also removed some of the detailed lines inside the partial slices in the hope that the outside edge would be thick enough in order to turn some of them into shakers.

Only the whole slices (and the larger ones at that) had wide enough edges to accommodate the adhesive foam in order to be able to fill them with SpiegelMom Scraps xxx sequin mix.


While I don't always use themed supplies (and when I do its often in different ways), sometimes a layout calls for not just themed stuff, but all-the-themed-things!  The more the better!  This was one of them.  So many paper collections but so many designers seem to have a lemon paper!  They just keep multiplying in my stash!

I remembered that many also have flowers in addition to lemons and it was this thought that hit me me when I found the photo and realized I could make it work for this assignment.

Once I found a paper that spoke to me (From Paige Evans' Pick Me Up collection) because of its bold colours and slight nautical vibe on some of the papers went with the story since it was about a trip to the seaside (which you cant discern from the photo).  It was only when I went to write up this blog post that I discovered that Zsoka use the same one when I went hunting for her blog post to link to!

I wanted to make a dent in all the fussy cut flowers I have.  I find fussy cutting rather soothing and the best ones I had for this layout were the ones from Shimelle's Starshine collection.

Scrapbook Process Video

Unusually for me, this layout has little in the way of embellishment because the cut file and large clusters of flowers are so prominent.  I just added a few word stickers and pulled out tiny sequins from a different mix to put in the centres of the flowers.

You will notice in the process video that the title is different to the photos here - after I was finished it just didn't seem quite right s I looked it up and removed the superfluous word which fit much better.


Go Suck a Wemon

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check out the design team projects on Scrap the Boys or even play along!

Love and fabulous flowers


  1. FAB-U-LUS, absolutely LOVE this page, everything about it. Great to see the Silhouette used too, you used gorgeous papers and colours.
    Faith x