18 September, 2019

September Counterfeit Kit

 Hello Lovelies!

I've really outdone myself this month with there being less than 2 weeks left to pull together a Counterfeit Kit! 🤦🤦🤦

In my defense I truly started planning (and pulling) the kit in the first few days of the month but then other projects and commitments kept pushing it aside.  Largely because I wanted to shoot another video share of the kit.  I thought it would be easier than painstakingly arranging pieces for photos of all the partial components and then the full kit.

Wanna see the inspiration kit for September?  Head on over to the CKC September Reveal.
My main girl Khristina of Redefined Kreative and The Secret Not Secret Kit Club designed the inspiration kit.  If you visit her site, all her links are on the pull down menu on the right!

I'm always mortified by the size of my kits.  As TallCraftyDude would call it: "an absolute unit".   Need a visual?  Allow me to illustrate: ⇛⇛⇛

(That, BTW is more or less what Fitzy aka NewCraftyCat looks like trying to get to the kitchen tap for a drink)🤣🤣🤣

See, if I make a video, the full horror hides neatly in one thumbnail!  A 30 minute one admittedly, but sometimes you need to live in a bit of denial. 😳🤷

Here's the link to the video of yet another of my Counterfeit Kits of Doom:
(you can see a few stills below)

September "Home With The Boys" Video

"Home With The Boys" September CKC Kit

If you watched the video, I discussed (very briefly) some of my storage "solutions". a I showed you my scrap box in all it's disastrous glory.  I have been sorting it out in the days since shooting said video.  Here's a progress report:

Here's how the actual box looked.  It's definite progress (I still have a way to go), but who knew that adding air to scrapbook supplies causes them to expand exponentially??  I'm still astrounded at how the mountain on the desk ever fit in there!

It does help when our chonky cat helps compact it.  I wouldn't mind quite so much about the slightly rumpled papers since I love some texture but I draw the line when he starts eating it.

I found the following evidence.  I shall use it on a future layout, I daresay.


And while we're still on the topic of the scrap box, I found these scraps which I immediately grabbed to throw into the kit.

And while we're on the subject of adding in extra stuff, I'm recycling these from last month.  The actual white star clip I REALLY hoped to use is currently MIA, but I'm sure it will show up before October!

Well I hope you come back and see what I made!  I still have one layout to share that I made from last month's kit...last month!  🤷

Love and creative kit curating,


  1. Your kit looks fabulous! I can't wait to watch the video and to see all of your creations that you create with it!

    1. Thank you, Lori! I will definitely keep this one going through October!

  2. Wonderful kit. Have fun crafting.
    Cindy F

  3. You never fail to make me smile Alex! Great kit. Now I'm off to watch the vid :-)

    1. That's the loveliest thing you could say, Lisa! Blogging is as much of an outlet as crafting, so I like to keep it mostly light and fun!