17 April, 2019

Fashionably Late to the CKC April Party

What can I say?

As much as I LOVED the colours in the inspiration kit chosen for April's Counterfeit Kit Challenge, I was planning to give it a miss.  I had a fair bit happening in April and time was flying by way too fast.

I did, however want to do April's challenge for Scrap the Boys.  The theme is cake 🍰 and I knew just which photos to scrap!  I wanted primaries along with maybe green since the pictures themselves don't have much colour and Shimelle's "Box of Crayons" Collection jumped to mind.

Next I started rifling through some cooking themed papers...just because I have them.  Then it happened...this cut-apart sheet from Cosmo Cricket's "Early Bird' collection (remember these guys? 😭😭😭) jumped out at me and I knew where this layout was going to go! 💡💡💡

Now I know what you're thinking: "That's all well and good, Mama, but what does it have to do with the CKC challenge?"

WELL...firstly let's take a look at the inspiration kit for April.  It's the March 2019 Hip Kit Club kit and it's so pretty!

See where I'm going with this?  No?  OK, well...it occurred to me that my paper for this layout is just a more vintage/retro and slightly warmer toned kit with more red than pink and the green is more of an olivey grass green an the yellow is more buttery...and plenty of aqua and teal...and cream rather than white!

Next, we do our kit dissection as always!

Colours in Inspiration Kit:
Pinks (and a touch of red)
Emerald Green
Royal blue (with a bit of navy)
Mustard yellow

Motifs in Inspiration Kit (including embellies):
Polka dots (very large to tiny)/Circles
Geometrics and stripes
Continuous patterns
Painterly effects
Florals, butterflies, hearts, frames, tags, umbrellas, rainbows, leaves/vines, sunglasses, cameras, bows, holiday motifs

As always:
🎨If I pull a single sided sheet, I get to choose two for every double sided 😉
🎨Cardstock in the kit usually gets subbed with tone-on-tone patterned paper
🎨Some things I pull as needed such as buttons, brads, sequins etc since I have some on hand to use so I don't have to put them away
🎨For these challenges I imagine which of the kits for that month would I purchase (and I had some experience years ago) and base my overall kit with add-ons etc.
🎨I may require a selection of "extras" 😳😳😳
🎨I might cheat.  I mean I probably will, but for me there really is no such thing as cheating since a layout made is a story told and some stash used.  #winning

If you'd rather watch an unboxing of the main kit and all the add-ons, the lovely Jen Schow does a fantastic job here:

So now to my choices.  Since I started out with that great retro paper and added some less vintagey designs to help it work with a variety of photos and stories, I have decided to call my kit:


"Back to the Future" 😎


My Main Kit based on Hip Kits March 2019 Main Kit



Papers chosen to correspond with Inspo Kit:

The actual Cosmo Cricket paper I based this entire kit on isn't in my main kit, but all my choices were made to work with it or become a bridge to papers with less in common.

Hopefully you can identify how any of the papers in my kit correspond with the inspiration piece in some way.  The only exception is the rainbow paper in the centre which is standing in for the specialty paper.

Instead of the blue on blue heart print paper ("Saturday" from the Sunny Days collection by Maggie Holmes in the inspiration kit), I went with a navy paper with a huge heart in the centre ("Outpouring" from the Box of Crayons collections by Shimelle).

The following image simply shows the reverse of my choices and while some might work with the colours and feel of the kit, most wont and look a bit odd put together like that!

Embellishments for Main Kit:

🎨I first added the old "messed up" Studio Calico chipboard arrows and speech bubbles.  They have the retro vibe and there are enough colours that will work!
🎨Instead of the word Thickers, I went for two sheers of Heidi Swapp word chipboard
🎨One set of black Thickers as per the inspiration kit! 🙌
🎨Hand picked die cuts with a lot of Shimelle and October Afternoon.  I discovered Vicki Boutin's Color Kaleidoscope collections is rather reminiscent of Sassafras so in went a few of those pieces and since the exclusive die cuts in the Inspiration kit had some words I added some of those too.  Largish word die cuts and Thickers seem to be so hard for me to use 🤷
🎨Enamel hearts for enamel hearts but it wasn't going to be enough so those little guys from OA need to be used.
🎨Lastly, to sub for the bow clips, I threw in a couple of packs of flair badges and some fabric labels by Basic Grey.
It's actually pretty good considering it's me. 😂

Paper Add-On based on Hip Kits March 2019 Paper Kit

The paper add-on is simple a second set of identical papers so you don't have to agonize over which side to use.  I COULD choose duplicates too, or choose patterns which represent what is most likely the "correct" side chosen by the kit club for my own version of the main kit.  For my paper add-on, I choose a paper which reflects the "other" side of the papers chosen by the kit club.  The complication is each of my papers have their own "other" side! 🤣🙈.

If you watch the video above, it's much clearer!

The October Afternoon newspaper style paper is supposed to represent the photorealistic black and white reverse of the "Blissful" paper from the Sunny Days collection by Maggie Holmes.  I placed the papers for the "main" and "paper add-on" in the same position in both photos to make the comparison clearer.

Some are less obvious interpretation like the "Saturday" from the Sunny Days collection by Maggie Holmes in the inspiration kit.  Both the heart on the front and my choice for the back is more subtle.  Rather than tiny black vertical dashes on white, the reverse had black dashed horizontal lines on green which is "Countdown" and also one of Shimelle's Box of Crayons papers.

The "other side" of my paper add-on shown below

Cardstock Substitutes based on Hip Kits March 2019 Cardstock Kit

The Cardstock in the inspiration kit has 2 each of mint, blue, pink, yellow and 2 different whites for a total of 12 sheets so 12 tone-one-tone sheets go into my "cardstock" kit too!  It's one reason why my kit looks a tad unbalanced with too much multi colour, but when everything is mixed and blended together, it's a perfect balance, I promise!

I didn't even bother taking a photo of the reverse since I almost certainly wont be using that side.

Embellishment Add-On based on Hip Kits March 2019 Embellishment Kit

This is where my kitting started to go a bit awry. 🙈 
🎨One sticker sheet in the inspiration kit turned into...8.  
🎨One chipboard sheer turned into three, one set of Thickers and one roll of washi became two.  
🎨The bows were replaced by that box of leftover random pieces from past kits.  Surely leftovers gain me some bonus points? 
🎨Somehow that sheet of random Glitz dimensional stickers ended up there as well 🤷.

In my defense, a lot of the elements on the sticker sheets especially wont be used.  This makes my kit loo bigger than in really is.  The inspiration kits are designed as whole and several items are usually exclusive.

Pocket Page Add-On based on Hip Kits March 2019 Pocket Life Kit

I'm not currently doing Project Life (although I have plenty to catch up on), but I do use cards on layouts.
🎨I started by including that Cosmo Cricket cut-apart sheet which served as my reference for this whole kit as the basis.
🎨I also included a border cut-apart sheet also from Cosmo Cricket's Early Bird collection and the "Treat Yourself" cut apart sheet from Shimelle's Box of Crayons.  Not all the cards will work, but some will.
🎨I also pulled a bunch of random journaling cards and larger die cut cards/filler cards.
🎨The sticker sheet in the inspiration kit resulted in the same kind of problem as the embellishment kit.  One turned into...a lot!
🎨One sheet of gems became...three...but all three were partial packs!

For some reason, I don't tend to store my die cut and fussy cut flowers separately so I just pulled out the whole container to pick from as needed.  There is another ephemera pack in the inspiration kit, so the flowers are a substitute for that.  There were flowers in the two ephemera pack in the inspiration kits, but none in the die cuts I pulled out.  Flowers are a great general kind of motif.

Extras! 😳😳😳  

I really wish I didn't have to have an extras section, but it's really only due to the cake layout that set off this whole kit.  I felt there was already enough cooking themed stuff in the Cosmo Cricket papers that "wasting" space in the kit with very specific supplies just for one layout wasn't justified.

I don't always used themed embellishments, but certain topics just make me want to...like cake...and coffee!

I also may have included some extra non-themed paper that didn't make the initial cut.  I know I know...🙈🙈🙈

Here is the side of the extra paper I'm most likely to use:

and the reverse (just in case):

Well congratulations on once again reaching the end of one of my blogging marathons.

At this point (having forked for the last 7 days to pick supplies, photograph them and finish this blog post) I think I'm going to declare this kit my April-May Kit!  Now it looks a lot less disturbing (and I have made bigger kits before), so 🙌🙌🙌.

Thanks sooo much for stopping by!  I really appreciate it and please check back for actual projects made with this kit!

The products I used are listed below:
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Love and crazy kit collating,


  1. Phenomenal!!!!!, Alex!!!! I'm thrilled to see your massive mega kit!!! There are so many wondrous possibilities for mix-and-match! Can't wait to see how you tackle the kit and your thought processes for how you achieve your genius layouts! :)

    1. Thanks Becca! Your comments are always so happy and uplifting! I love your visits so much! xxx

  2. Wow! What a fabulous kit you have put together! You are all set to go!

    1. Thanks Lori! I don"t usually throw in quite so much of my special paper into the one! It's generally spread out and sparingly used!

  3. That is one mega HUGE kit to play with good luck LOL.
    Faith x

    1. While I always tend to make big kits, this one looks bigger than what it really is. If I ordered a monthly kit as I have done in the past, I generally get all the add-ons and extra paper, although not quite as much as this I will admit!

  4. I like your mix of old and new. Well counterfeited in your own style. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks Susanne! I love mixing old and new too. The slightly warmer tone abd being cream based rather than white gently directs the colours of the inspiration kit to be a bit more autumnal!

  5. oh thats wonderful collection of goodies!
    have fun!

    1. Thanks Fikreta! Now let's see if I can make some cat projects with it!

  6. Most fabulous counterfeit reveal post EV-AH! 😍

    1. oh wow now THAT is a compliment! Especially coming from a Master Forger such as yourself! You have me blushing here!

  7. You are hilarious! I love that you went from no kit but a page right through to one of the biggest kits I've ever seen!

    1. Weeell you know what they say...go big or go home, right? It is actually not as big as it looks! Sure it has quite a bit more paper and a few more embellies than all the components of the inspo kit, but it's kinda sorta in the same ballpark...no? lol