29 November, 2017

CKC Challenge 2 and Mercy Tiara Sketch Challenge

Layout number four for my CKC November kit.  I suspect this will be the last one for my November kit.  Ironically the two sets of photos that I specifically wanted to scrapbook using this kit are still unscrapped.  Oh well.  These things happen. 

I have a couple of cards coming soon to change things up a bit so long as NCC* doesn't try to Halp too much.

This layout takes care of two challenges.  One is a mini challenge from Mercy Tiara's 27 Day Challenge.  The deets can be found in her Facebook Group


The mini challenge is a sketch challenge set by Moira O'Reilly.  Click on her name to go to her blog post detailing the challenge itself and the actual sketch.  The sketch comes from Kristine Davidson.  Kristine has a blog for sketches and a new book out (I believe this sketch comes from that book).


The second challenge is CKC Challenge 2 for November.  The title says it's about star signs which I don't "do", but using stars is an interpretation along those lines.  I used stars in place of most of the circles on the original sketch.

I also mirror imaged the sketch to allow for the direction in the photo.  The journalling proved a challenge given the the diagonal lines.  Rather than adding a journalling card or trying to write across the lines, I just went with the flow and used what was already there.

My Very Own Wonder Boy


I'm guessing most of you are familiar with the lovely Shimelle Laine and how she refers to her mini man as Wonder Boy so you should "get" the reference.  It's mentioned in the journalling which is why our very own SCD* is also a Wonder Boy in our eyes.

As soon as I saw him drinking from my Wonder Woman Mug, it his me.  As these things often do.

Please check back soon for some fun cards and more CKC madness once the December kit is revealed!

*Acronyms in the left Sidebar <---

Love and Happy Cat Wrangling


  1. Wow, love the energetic boy vibe you've created here.

  2. I've enjoyed all of your CKCB layouts this month-they are full of color and energy!