24 November, 2017

Mercy Tiara 27 Day Challenge Tic Tac Toe and CKC Nov Kit

Every month, Tracy aka Mercy Tiara (known best for her YouTube vids) throws out a challenge in her Facebook Group lasting 27 days and winner of said challenge picks the next month's challenge and so on.

WELL Tracy's right hand, Moira O'Reilly, puts out some really fun mini challenges and this layout is the result of one of them.

Sweet Dreams

The main challenge for the month is about scrapbooking yourself and while it's something I have done on rare occasions, I'm just not feeling it at the moment.  I know it doesn't have to be an actual photo of me (and that's something you REALLY don't want to see), but I believe in going with what inspires you at the time.

I love the idea behind the challenge since we don't always remember to scrapbook ourselves, but it's something for another day for me,

So...one of the mini challenges is a Tic Tac Toe and I love these!  They're really fun!

This is Moira's Tic Tac Tor for November.  I followed the bottom row.

The layout itself is based on one from Shimelle's most recent Disney class which you can find here.

I also used the supplies from the kit I put together for the November Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  

I was good and didn't cheat, so I wasn't completely thrilled with the title.  It helped after I added a label sticker underneath it (from the pile of random die cuts I added to the kit)

The (loose) diagonal line of embellishments comes from the cork circles (from two different collections) and the wood veneer stars.  You can't have a nighttime layout without stars, right?

Aqua/mint and coral?  Check!  

My colour scheme came from the background paper from One Canoe Two's "Hazelwood" collection.  The photos are warmish (and I'm sure heavily corrected) since they were taken rather stealthily with just a nightlight for illumination.

It simply didn't look right without gold mist.  Probably that celestial thing again.

Like everything else, my personal philosophy is "More is More" so there is an awful lot of mist there! 😳😳😳


I'm thinking this layout will probably go in SCD's* album rather than the family album due to the colour scheme and story.  

I try to make the stories that go in his album reflections of his personality.

As for the last prompt - fortunately the patterned paper from Amy Tangerine's "Hustle and Heart" is a dense floral with tigers peeking out here and there, so while I chose it for the tigers, there is just enough floral pattern to get a tick here as well.

So until next time,

Love and more and more misting!

*Acronyms in left sidebar <---


  1. How colourful! I adore your sleeping boy photos and those cork touches look great.

  2. Love the layering and the mixed title - and your colorful style!!