04 February, 2016

Layout Challenge Inspired by Glitter Girl Episode #124

Glitter Girl's second challenge was indeed that!

She used a very striking patterned paper from her new collection and very minimal embellishment.

I tried to find a similar chevron among my stash.  I thought I had quite a few with a chevron down the centre, but as it happened I had a few with the chevron on the third like GG.

 The Monster Under the Sofa 

I chose to use one with the central chevron and chop it down to get it to sit on the third, adding other patterned papers on the other side.

The first time I took off too little then I took off too much.  This layout just wasn't going the way I hoped.  I used about half a bottle of Un-Du for major pulling apart and reshuffling of papers and embellishments.

I really really struggled using just a few tiny embellishments.  I love lots of stuff on the page so I ended up with a lot more than I planned.

I wouldn't have added any of the wood sequins had I not had tiny tears in the paper to disguise. 

I included a map or globe in each cluster inspired by the first mat under the photo frame.  Seems like an odd choice, but we  don't travel and Phipha's adventuring under the couch was almost like venturing into another world.


I had better luck with this layout.  It was probably the closest of the three to GG's.  I think it's because the chevron pattern was the most striking of the three.

I had to mirror the sketch if I was to have the chevron pointing towards the photo.  I succeeded in using far fewer embellishments than I normally would, but still more than GG did.

This one was rather therapeutic because I was trying to put a positive, happy vibe to what was otherwise a slightly traumatic event.

The journalling card had a small red heart which I felt would look better covered with a matching yellow flower...and the highlighted word?   Itś what you do when your handwriting goes a little bit more wrong than usual!

 Totally Under The Paw  


This layout was probably in between the previous two in terms of how successful I was.  I needed to have the photo on the right given the direction of it (I didn't want it pointing off the page) so the chevron had to point up, and the patterned paper was far more insipid and subtle than GG's one and didn't really lend itself to such a design.

The first thing I did to overcome this was to add some fussy cut flowers from another paper in the same line.  This added more weight to the photo/journalling block.


This time, I wasn't going to try to be overly restrained with the embellishment and it turned out a bit better than I hoped.

I don hate any of the layouts even if they didn't turn out quite the way I imagined.  It was still really useful to try a layout so different from anything I make and out of my comfort zone.

Should I come across a piece of paper like the one in Glitter Girl's video, I may just give this another try.

What do you think?


  1. Alexandra these are all fantastic, i love all the different elements and honestly could not pick a favorite.
    Hope you have a great day x

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

  2. These are just fabulous! I adore how you can layer...something I ways struggle with.

  3. Thank you so much for visiting and your lovely comment.

    I also struggle with layers more often than not and layouts often often take hours longer because it doesn't look right and I'm ripping it up and putting it back down!