10 February, 2016

Thank You Card Marathon Part IV

 It has been a while since I brought you lovely readers another instalment of The Great Thank You Card Marathon of 2015.  Today I felt an explosion of flower power was in order.  Nothing like flowers to brighten a gloomy day, right?

This batch of cards used the Flower Patch stamp set and dies which I was looking forward to trying.  They really give a strong pop of colour, but it really took me such a long time which I didn't expect.

It probably is faster for others, but Arthur makes things a challenge at times despite having a MISTI which makes stamping much easier.  With more frequent use, I'm sure I'll find ways of speeding up the process of stamping these lovelies.

I loved the background paper which looks like newspaper articles about tea so I had to leave a little showing, but not so much as to distract from the fact that it is a thank you card not something related to a kitchen tea or other such event.

 I also love placing the flowers so the petals and leaves extend beyond the card base.  I made sure (using an envelope) that it wasn't to such a large degree that the cards would be considered larger than standard size

I didn't layer the flowers with as much dimension as I would have liked, but it was important to remember that many of the cards would be going through the post and if they're too fat they'll incur extra postage or risk damage.

I am also not thrilled with the shade of brown ink I used for the flowers.  Maybe something a bit darker...and being less heavy handed with it!


Despite having to stamp layers of petals on to of each other rather than cutting a new layer, the different parts of each flower in the stamp set still really added an interest to the flowers and the ability to mix and match means unique blooms.

 I look forward to trying more combination with this stamp set and using a lot more layers.  I was surprised at how versatile it was - I have seem both modern and vintagey cards with the same flowers and it seems to work almost every time.

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