25 October, 2019

Project 3 for Cat Lovers Hop using Oct CKC kit

Hi Lovelies!

Bringing you Project #3 for the Cat Lovers Hop. (Links to the first two are at the bottom of the page)

This one is a scrapbook layout as promised.  It has a bit of a back story, so bear with me!

The story begins in the Spread the Sparkle Facebook Group which is the group started by SpiegelMomScraps.  There is a challenge there at the moment to scraplift the winner of the Scrapbook Spotlight the month before.  With me so far?  OK, so for the month of October, Katie Scott is the winner with a layout featuring a large heart cut file.

Sara Scraps did what she does so well and interpreted it as a layout featuring a quilted heart.  See her process video here.  Upon seeing this, Moira O'Reilly scraplifted Sara's quilted heart.  Katie loved the quilted version so much that she went and scraplifted Moira (scraplifting her! 😂) although I can't find Katie's quilted version anywhere. 🤷

Now I had every intention of entering the scraplift challenge since I have a partial page which could work.  HOWEVER, seeing all these quilted layouts one after another was more than I could take so I had to do this version as well.  Thanks for the inspo, Sara!  You've spawned a monster I think!

Do click on the links to all three ladies' YouTube channels and watch the process videos I'm talking about. 

Now on to my version - October is a month of all sorts of anniversaries and one of which is the passing of our beloved Fossett 3 years ago.  National Black Cat Day is on 27 October (it's not Aussie, but it should be!) and sometimes falls during the hop.

I've never scrapbooked anything about the deaths of any of our cats until now.  While it's something I want in my albums, I also want scrapbooking to be a happy experience.  I'm conscious of not wanting my albums to be overly censored or sanitised either, so it;s a delicate balance.

As far as supplies go, I decided to try using my slightly enormous Counterfeit Kit Challenge Kit for the month of October. If you are not familiar with this challenge, read about it here.

The vintage vibe of the kit would work with a nostalgic story and to take things one step further, I wanted to see if I could take out one of the two monthly challenges thrown down by CKC to help use those kits.

Challenge 1 is called "Back to the Good Old Days" and is about scrapbooking how we used to.  The thing is that I don't LIKE the way I used to scrap.  I wasn't even scrapbooking that long before sort of falling out of love with it, but I didn't understand why or what was missing for me...until about 2012 when a Glitter Girl video showed up in my YouTube feed and it changed everything!!

It was the STORY and journaling which was missing.  I've not looked back since!  So how do I translate the prompt to work for me?  I thought back to when I first started scrapbooking in 2004 or 2005 and what reminded me of that time.  Supplies have come a very long way since then.  That probably also contributed to my frustration.  Even fewer supplies made their way to a country like Australia where scrapbooking just wasn't as common as in the US.  Basic Grey was one of the main brands available.

My October kit is full of Basic Grey and the majority of the papers I picked were BG (with some October Afternoon and the background is Studio Calico).  The other thing is that embellishments (and layouts themselves really) were heavily themed and very literally interpreted.  I would definitely have to pull some cat themed stuff if I wanted to reflect this since I didn't add any in the kit.  I don't always theme (mostly I don't) but sometimes it;s fun.

Both Moira and Sara used a stencil and ink (in slightly different places) so using the Dyan Reaveley stencil I'm giving away would be rather apt!  Th top two corners are a Newton's Nook paw print since the space is smaller.  I wanted my stencilling to look as though it was coming out from under the heart like Moira did.

The next important detail was that it was essential for me to stitch the squares together.  I used a zig zag which was mostly OK except when my machine had a conniption due to the unseasonably warm day yesterday when I was making this.  The white cotton isn't all that visit anyway.

The colours of the heart were based on the light blue floral October Afternoon paper.  Pink was a bit of an afterthought.  When I saw that the roses I cut from an OA paper were the best match, I added a pink mat (the reverse of the red circle Basic Grey paper) and a different shade of aqua.

I knew from the start that I wanted to use black.  Partially to offset all the colour since it's not intended to be a super cheerful story and partly because Fossy was, after all, a mini house panther!

Sara placed her photo on the right and I decided to follow her lead on this one mainly because of the direction of the photo.  I printed it with the text as is.  The picture was he one I posted on FB to announce Fossy's passing so I left it.

Most of the pages I chose were various shades of cream as was the background.  It's a patterned paper with concentric circles.  I added white cardstock, but I didn't want stark white.  The white border on the photo somehow looks OK.  It draws attention to it and the different shades of cream help it blend right in.

The extra photo mats made this layout more like my style, although I'd probably consider three as holding back!!  The busyness of the heart make a lot of embellishment rather unnecessary and even a distraction.  I added the Crate Paper cat die cut and some various word stickers from outside the kit, but I needed them to pull the layout together.  If I'm totally honest the paper I fussy cut the flowers from was also outside the kit.  The large camera sticker in the top right is from a large 5 & Dime sticker sheet that ended up in the kit by mistake.  Oh well 🤷!  The brads were from he kit (yay!) and so were those bright white enamel hearts, which I coloured black with Copic markers.

The black Thickers were from the kit and I'm always glad to get chipboard Thickers on paper.  Even new ones don't stick well so I needed Glue Dots in Mini and Micro to get them all stuck down.  I sometimes machine stitch them, but I didn't want the distraction of white thread on them.

I should have used cream alphas for the second part of the title but was almost done when I thought of it.  Nevermind!  The wording of the title itself comes from vocab used in the Chonky Cats Facebook Group, although ironically Fossy was the least chonky of all our cats.  Black cats there are known as Voids.  Cool, huh?  I like to use phrases or puns which I rearrange as needed for my titles and this one comes from the expression "a void in your heart" which is apt for this situation.

I'm actually not displeased with this layout despite the few embellishments.  I don;t actually think it needs MOAR.  I even toyed with the idea of ink/mist splatters and held back.  Whoever is holding the Mama hostage, please give her back!

Our Void - Always In Our Hearts

That's all for now!  It's a long post, so congrats on making it this far!  All I have to do is come up with my next project!  Thanks for all your comments  I always read them all and I'm working through commenting on them.

OK now to the giveaway part:

Giveaway CLOSED!

📌 I have three items (and a bonus fourth prize) to give away (pictured below) and I'll pull three names for the first three prizes.
📌For the  fourth "bonus" prize: it will go to someone who has entered the main blog hop (please let me know your project numbers if you would like to be considered.  You can wait til the blog hop is over to do this since they change sometimes.)
📌 The first name drawn gets first choice, second name gets second choice and so on.  Bonus prize will be TallCraftyDude's favourite project!
📌 This Giveaway is NOT SPONSORED.  I purchased the prizes especially for this giveaway.  This year I picked stuff other than just stamp sets to mix it up a bit!  In the even the items I purchased are on back order, I'll purchase something similar in their place and update the list below. Thanks for understanding!

The prizes you get to pick from are:
This hysterical Art Impressions stamp set called "Catastrophy".  Perfect for the Spoonie stamper (or if you know one!)

There is a Dyan Reaveley stencil called "It's Raining Cats" (this one is mine, but yours will be brand new, obvs! 😉)

An American Crafts "Coloring Notebook"

Lastly, the bonus prize will be an electronic gift card to the online crafty store of your choice to the value of $20 AUD (approx $13 USD, £10 GBP, €12 Eur etc.  May vary depending on exchange rate)

You will receive an entry (or entries) for each of the following.  You absolutely don't have to do everything - just how ever many you like.

If you have previously followed my socials then these are already counted for you!  (unfollowers will not be counted)
📌 The giveaway will remain open until 11:59PM AEDT on Monday 28 Oct (a whole week from today).  Please visit THIS SITE to calculate in your own timezone
📌 The winner will be drawn on Weds 30 Oct so PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE
❗If the winner and I can't make contact by Weds 6 Nov, I will have to draw a new winner since I need to get these prizes out all together.
❗Please try to email me at alex@pinkcraftymama.com This really is the easiest way for me to get in touch with you since not all blogger profiles have an email attached and if you JUST leave comments, I have no other place to search for you.

So...what do you have to do to get entries?

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I don't yet know how many makes I'll have done between now and then, but it will be at least three.  The more love from you guys the better the chances of me getting crafty which gives you more chances to enter.

Click here for Project 1
Click here for Project 2
Click here for Project 4 

So today...if you want to leave a comment, tell me whether your cats like to eat strange things (like vegies etc)... (or anything else if this doesn't grab you) and please don't hesitate to  email me with any questions at alex@pinkcraftymama.com

* ⬅⬅⬅ Acronyms and strange terms in left sidebar! 

Love and cuddle your kitty!


  1. WoWza ! Such a stunning page and an enormous amount of work. !! Fosset was such a beautiful cat. Sorry for your loss xx
    Visiting your from the Cat Lovers Hop
    IKE =^..^=

    My Challenge Blog
    My Shop
    My Blog
    FB Fan Page
    Cat Lovers Challenge Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Ike! Actually this one was relatively straight forward compared to the enormous piles of "stuff" I normally keep adding! I needed it to be so for this one. On the Cat Hop I know we all understand the pain so I feel more comfortable here than I might normally. Thanks for that! It does help!

  2. Oh, you are so brave to finally scrap about the loss of your Fossett. I started out as a scrapbooker and still have not scrapped about a single one of the pets that I lost, even after 15 years. I didn't have many photos of my many pets, since this was before digital cameras, but I keep the ones I have in a special envelope with special memories and details to journal when I finally do get around to it. This is a beautiful layout, and the stitching really adds texture and a vintage look.
    I am also really impressed that you managed to journal right on the fabric...wow! I can barely manage to journal on paper some days.
    I follow you on FB, IG, and Bloglovin'. thanks so much for sharing this amazing layout with us.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story! This layout actually IS all paper! I just use only enough adhesive to tack it down if im planning to stitch. It just makes it look more realistic. I can easily scrap stories about when they were alive, but ones pertaining directly to their passing not until today. I just felt that everything was lining up and urging me to tell the story, so the journaling isn't too deep, but there are plenty more layouts for that!

    2. Wow, this layout looked so much like a fabric quilt that I thought you used fabric pieces rather than paper. What a great effect!

  3. Oh gosh, Alex! My heart goes out to you at losing your beloved Fosset, especially since I lost my Goliath in April. I still have not been able to to manage a single project for the Hop and spend a lot of my time typing with tears in my eyes, like now. Your page is just so AMAZING. I don't scrap, but I admire those who do and especially those who actually stitch on their paper crafts. Especially fitting for the quilt motif here. Oh brave one, I commend you for this gorgeous memorial and hope I can follow in your footsteps and at least one time during the Hop. Hugs to you! I'm so sorry for your loss and thank you for the inspiration. xxD

    1. OOPS! Forgot to add I follow you on all those platforms and since I've quite the bout of insomnia, am teary eyed and not seeing especially well through filthy glasses I now realize that Fosset passed in 2016 not 2019. Not that it makes it any less devastating or heroic an effort and honestly, I did read every word of your post. I'm just not at my best at 2:00 am. ;D I did read your reply to my previous comments and am sure tears were still shed during your process here. Is it ever possible to get over such a loss? I think not. Hugs!

    2. Also forgot to answer your question. (I'm not sure even why I checked since it's two days later and I'm up with another bout of insomnia.) Hmmm... The strangest thing Goliath used to eat were spiders when he found them lurking under the cabinets or scurrying across the floor. Worked for me! EEEWWW!!!

  4. Great page! I have a Main Coon cat and she HATES fish!

  5. Oh, I don't think this purrfect layout needs any more! All the beautiful patterned papers really help with that. LOVE the stitching!! I keep meaning to get my sewing machine desk cleared so that I can actually do real stitching, but still have not ... lol Thanks for sharing your story of the gorgeous Fossett.
    We don't have any kitties ... just a neighbor's cat who visits daily for breakfast (or whenever she feels like it, of course! lol) and I know she eats big lizards! Ask me how I know! lol Yuck!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous layout! Our fur babies are always in our hearts even when they've crossed the rainbow bridge. Beautiful tribute to Fossett who was a very beautiful kitty. Hugs to you. On a brighter note, our oldest cat, Poopie, who is 14-1/2 sucks tomatoes. Yes. Sucks the juice right outta them. We've adapted a metal mesh colander to slide over the top tier of our fruit and veggie basket so she can't get to the tomatoes!

  7. P.S. I'm now following you on all your social media platforms. I recently found Arty Divas Challenges and have played there a time or two. So you'll be seeing more of me. ;)

  8. Oh, Alex, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Fossett. He was a beautiful boy! Three years have passed but I know how much you still miss him. I still miss my Muffin and it's been 15 years - he was the best kitty ever! You did a beautiful job with this layout; I absolutely love all the details and the personal journalling. The stitching is beautiful - I would like to learn how to do this on my cards, such a nice touch. Eventually I would like to scrap about my Muffin - I have a photo album dedicated to him but there is no journalling. Sending lots of hugs your way as you celebrate Black Cat Day and remember your beloved Fossett.

    As for your question, my Honeydew eats something strange... plastic bags. Whenever he gets the chance! He seems to prefer a certain type of bag so we can't use those where he can get at them. If we have another type of bag within his reach, he licks them, but that's better than eating it and then you-know-what comes next (clean-up for me!). As mentioned previously, I already follow you on all the things!

  9. Wow! Love your gorgeous layout! Lots of adorable details, pretty colors and beautiful pattern papers!!! Great work!
    My little kitty was a "Lord" because he ate only cat food and mice! : D

    1. I already follow your blog (Arianna Barbara)
    2. Follow you on Facebook (Arianna Barbara)
    3. Follow you on Instagram (raggiodiluc3)

  10. I love the scrapbook layout. I've only sewed once on paper https://flic.kr/p/2fLSCiJ and it was an experience. My cats love potato and tortilla chips. You have to watch your plate!

  11. Alex, That's such a wonderful tribute page! I'm sure Fossett is sitting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge smiling and loving it. :-D I've not been able to scrap about my Sisyphus (she passed in 2016 also) at all. I do believe that even counting a lifetime of feline fur babies, she was my favorite. She lived with me for 18 1/2 years and I still miss her.
    I am a blog follower of yours, and I follow you on FB but not Instagram because I don't have an account there. If I add another social media account, I'll have no time in my life for crafting!
    So far, my entries are numbered 12, 51, 105, 144, and 185. I'll have one more tomorrow and will add the number when I can.

  12. Alex....I enjoyed reading every word of the story behind how this LO came to be...and about your precious Fossett, too. I love the geometric heart, the stitching, and the wonderful journaling you did. What a beautiful cat. I know how much you must miss him. I have such beautiful memories of my past cats, but there is always a pang along with those memories....even after many years. :( So honored that you shared this story with us during the Cat Hop. Sending hugs to you.

    I follow you on each of your platforms. Thank you for the chance to win. I don't put any of my own cards in the Linky, obviously. I will answer the question of weird things cat eats, though. Perdita is THE WORST for grazing bits of stuff off the floor. My craft room is a veritable trove of treasures that way (paper strips, ribbon ends, etc. Oh and don't ever let her find that synthetic Easter grass stuff!!) This habit inevitably means cleaning up the mess when she expels it...ugh. So naughty!!

    Thank you so much for playing along in the #2019CatLoversHop!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  13. Lovely layout. My previous Cat ate veggies to our surprise and we had been feeding her for almost each meals. I've been following you on all your social media platforms.

  14. Awesome page to feature your beloved Fossy. Love the heart background and the mix of patterns and colors!

  15. A beautiful layout, Alex, and a lovely tribute to Fossy. My cat, Casey, loves to eat toast. He can sometimes be found nibbling at the bread we put out for the birds, although he never chases the birds away. xx

  16. Dear Alex
    the layout is gorgeous and sorry to hera about your loss. My mama cat loves to eat Sweeets. She loves a the herbal drink Kenda as well. It is made with leaves, rice water and coconnut milk. It is Sri lankan and Indian.
    I follow you on your blog, facebook and instagram as Umani 2012. My grand daughters and my middle name is the same and it is her birth year. On all other platforms as Surekha Galagoda. As i am interested i contributed to email updates as well. My entry number is 93. Thanks and blessings

  17. Wow, this page is amazing and I can't believe you stitched all those pieces of paper.
    I love that you scrapbooked about your sweet kitty and shared him with us.
    My kitties didn't eat too many odd things, but one of them used to steal bread! I entered projects #20, 73, 75, 112, 205 and 206

  18. Anazing page to read... and love your layout! Very generous giveaway!

  19. Our Nussi was black. When she passed away 2.5 years ago aged 19+ I made a tribute to her. There's tears in these ATC's. https://craftynomad.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-three-ages-of-cat.html Your LO is lovely. Our current cat doesn't like to eat out of dishes. We toss biscuits around for her to hunt. She rarely takes them from the dish. Weirdo!! Hugz

  20. Great work to take memory of your Fosset, and a lot of efforts!

  21. Beautiful page for a beautiful soul, your page brought a tear to my eye and it's a lovely way of including the sad loss in your memories. Lovely.
    In terms of odd eating habits, Mr Darcy is a little weird, he loves to suck on threads hanging off a blanket or a hem in the wardrobe and is obsessed with plastic! I use little cellophane bags for cards and they have a little adhesive strip that has plastic to peel off and Mr Darcy will eat them given the chance! You can tell when the bin is knocked over and they are found in the litter tray! :(
    Jenny xx
    Visiting from the Cat Lovers Hop

  22. Wonderful layout in tribute of your cat. I like the stitching. I can't think of anything weird our cat eats. I follow your blog (Sue D) and your IG (as waterlily57)
    I entered the main blog hop and my numbers are #217 through #224.

  23. Ooh! Love your Lo. And the patchwork heart . Gorgeous black kitty ! So happy to see a LO!

  24. No cats in my life so I'm not up for the giveaway ;-) but this is such a lovely layout that I simply had to comment! I adore that patchwork and reminds me that I made something in paper patchwork a long time ago which was a lot of fun. This is just such a lovely tribute to your sweet cat and the colour are perfect. Glad to see that HUMUNGOUS kit getting used up ;-)