18 August, 2019

Counterfeit Kit Challenge for August

Yeah I know what the date is, but you know by now that I like making a fashionably late entrance right? 🤣🙈

You can go check out the kit reveal at Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

The inspiration kit this month is from July's Citrus Twist main kit called "Best of This Life"

and also the scrapbooking add-on

My first thought was huh?  When did the scrapbooking bit of a monthly kit become an "add on"?  Then I realised a lot of kit clubs are getting rid of the 12x12 monthly kits.  Is it due to increased shipping costs worldwide?  Is it the continuing popularity of pocket page scrapbooking and the relatively recent surge in travellers' notebooks?  I don't know, but I'm a 12x12 girl always and forever so I basically ignored the main part of the kit and based mine around the scrapbook kit.

I'll be honest, this idea of everything being so happy and perfect and "best day eveeeerrr" in the craft world makes me a bit cranky and induces slight waves of nausea.  It's just not realistic for anyone and when you ave a chronic illness,  there are far fewer good days.  So I'm going to name my kit:

Good Enough

Am I biter and twisted?   I doubt it since I came up with far darker names than that, but I'm the queen of snark along with some fellow scrappy buds, so you wont often get happyhappyjoyjoy from me! 🤷

I even got my video set-up 😲😲😲. I.Know.Right?? 🤣
Here it is if you want to watch and I'd love for you to subscribe and that old chestnut.  Thank you!!

Should you prefer stills, here goes:

The scrapbook kit consists of 9 patterned papers and 3 sheets of cardstock which I immediately subbed for more patterned paper.

My usual "rule" of a single sided paper pad sheet gets another single sided sheet to equal one double sided!  But get this...you know how usually I pick one paper for the A side of the inspo kit and another for the B side and end up with twice as much paper (part of which I count as "add on pattern paper so totes legit in my mind)?  Well this time I didn't! 😲😲😲

Here are both sides of my papers and one of each of the single sheets

All the paper

I did, however, lose the plot entirely when it came to embellishments.  I can't help it.  Kits have always been really light on embellies for my style and the thing is that a sticker sheet they choose goes with their whole kit because it's chosen specifically for that.

I'm trying to pull together a kit with a similar vibe and different paper, so any given sticker sheet might have as few as one or two stickers that I want and the rest are just there for the ride, so when you see my sticker books, don't judge!!  (And everything that isn't 12x12 (or inside a cup) fits nicely in the plastic basket which makes it look a lot more compact than all these photos would suggest! 🙈)

Sticker books

12x12 sticker sheets

More stickers


The kit is definitely not intended to be killed and the last two that I have made are mostly intact, although I confess to have cannibalized bits I needed for other things along the way.

There were an awful lot of puffy stickers in the inspo kit so I had to mix in a whole bunch of other things since it wasn't enough variety for me.  I also seemed to go on a cloud tangent!

All the clouds

Large embellishments that I struggle to use seemed to be a recurring theme in this kit.  It looks as though I'll be challenging myself..a lot!  I could live to regret this!

All the big (and random) things

Also on Struggle Street are those largeish words - kinda smallish for titles and too big for anything else!

All the big words (and some little ones!)

And die cuts and random finds. 

I have small alphas within reach so didn't specifically pull any out and small wood veneer, cabochons, random clips and brads and buttons are also in the pull-as-you-go category.

I did include some sprinkly bits, though

The Sprinkly bits

...And I highly recommend you stay away from a file of stickers while you wait for your camera crew to troubleshoot a problematic tripod.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you seen either here or YouTube or any of my other socials!

Love and crafty kit curation,


  1. Love, love, love this kit! No judgement from me on the embellishments because I feel the same way - I mean I pulled 5 sticker books for my kit this month! Looking forward to seeing your creations with this kit and now I am off to watch your video!

  2. Wows - that's a big kit but full of so much fun stuff that I know you are going to crack out some gorgeous pages! I love the name too - sooo true! Glad to have you playing along Alex!

  3. great kit!
    so very nice goodies!
    have fun