01 November, 2018

Cat Stamp Giveaway (update)

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in the Cat Lovers Hop of 2018 and took part in my giveaway.

The giveaway is now closed, and while I hoped to do the draw today (November kinda snuck up on me) I got a bit sidetracked by a slightly covert operation (see previous post if interested)

So the plan is to spend tomorrow morning collating all the entries and maybe doing an old school paper-slips-in-the-cookie-jar kinda draw.  This means a certain helper could pull the name and maybe try and even get it on video.

Anyway thanks for your patience and stay tuned for more!


  1. Sounds like fun - I look forward to it! Hope you can catch it on video!

    I would like to extend an invitation to you to join my blog as a follower. I joined your blog during the Cat Lovers Hop. I will be getting back to regular blogging shortly (my husband had a stroke this summer and he will be coming home from the rehab hospital soon).

    Here's my blog address:

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. Thanks for the update. I am also doing my giveaway the old school way..which means I need to get busy writing names on slips!!