04 November, 2018

CKC Nov Forgery on the Fourth

Ooh Forgery on the Fourth would have to be one of my favourite parts of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge month (don't you just catch yourself saying "Forgery on the Fourth be with you"! 😂)

It's so inspiring to search for something to forge and ways of doing it!

The first idea to pop out for me (likely due to major hankerings for PinkFresh Indigo 2 Collection) was trying to make my own version of patterned paper.

If you haven't seen the reveal post for November, the inspiration kit was "Little Things" by Citrus Twist Kits.
I thought they wouldn't be too hard to copy.  One paper in the main kit and another in the add-on "Pattern Paper Play" (along with the amazeballs coffee cup stain paper called "Dreamweaver by Vicki Boutin) were the three I tried forging.

The first one in the Main kit (called Gorge) looks like this. 

Initially I felt I could stamp the flowers and maybe use texture paste for the diamond pattern.  Instead I decided to persevere with successful use of a pen in the Silhouette along with some sketchy looking daisies,  Using a pencil is fine, but finding a combination of pen and paper has so far been unsuccessful. 😠

Smooth cardstock is better and I worked out how to rig the pen holder to accomodate a Sharpie.  It went well except I felt the blue was far too bright,

Next. my one and only size 08 Precision pen fell prey to the big pink shark that is the Silhouette,

Despite reducing the pressure from the default setting, it pushed the nib all the way in and into the bin it went. 😢. The last and most successful trial was using a Tombow Fudenosuke pen.  The brush tip can withstand more.

I opted for a blending tool and Distress ink and a "brick wall" stencil sideways.  This is where the stippling brushes that everyone is raving about would be handy,  It was hard to isolate the cells I wanted.

I changed the colours and lightly spritzed with water to soften the look.  Gold mist instead of navy to finish and I may just add some paste when I actually go to use it!

 The second Pinkfesh paper is really pretty,  It's called "Ridge" and I wanted to do it justice,

I wanted to try a sort of "no line" watercolour.  After arranging some leafy vine cut files (I didn't bother removing overlapped spots since the idea is to erase the pencil after painting) I was taking a risk not using gesso and I should have.

I didn't like the feathering and bleeding.  I stuck with the Distress inks since they were already all over my desk and work really well for watercolour and associated mixed mediary (totally a word!) shenanigans!  Some smooshing with the "packaging technique" and mist.

I love the way the Heidi Swapp mists can leave lovely large drops, and the shimmer when dry is so eye catching!

The following day I decided to put it back into the Silhouette and have it re-draw the pencil lines using the Fudenosuke.  Placement wont be exact because it's not possible to get the paper onto the exact same place on the mat and the mat loaded exactly identically, but the best thing about this is that watercolour often goes beyond the lines!

I forgot that I didn't remove overlapping leaves, but my most distinguished moment was seeing that I loaded the mat upside down so it was happily scribbling away something that didn't even remotely resemble what it was meant to. 😡😡😡

I quickly paused and decided to turn it around and finish the job the right way up including re-doing the messed up bit.  Normally I wouldn't even try and just throw it away, but I'm glad I persisted.

It's a big improvement (in my books) compared to the watercolour on its own.

I can just use stealthy photo placement over the messed up bit.

The third and final paper I decided for forge this month was Vicki Boutin's  "Daydreamer" also from the main kit.

This one was so fun!  I love coffee and colour, so this spoke to me straight away.

I opted for acrylic paint instead of watercolour just to change things up a bit.  Since the water content was lower, I could get vibrant colour and texture without warping and buckling the paper.

I had enough of white cardstock by now, so grabbed this pale pink ledger from Maggie Holmes' "Chasing Dreams" collection.

I used both ends of a McDonald's cup and spread the lovely thick paint (just a touch of water added) and had lots of fun with it.

The dripping of ink was also fun...and did I mention the shimmer an vibrancy of the Heidi Swapp mist??

I dabbled in other kinds of forgery this month, too.

In the list of items included with the kit, I almost missed a reference to "printables".  I never need any invitation! 😜

I actually had some label cut files by Paige Evans and started to get those shapes resized and filled with colour.  There is a bit of a trick to getting it to cut the outside edge only.  We got there in the end (despite the dodgy right roller wreaking havoc and ruining a few cuts)!

If you don't have an electronic die cutting machine (or if she is misbehaving 😩) there are other options!  I remembered I also have some dies by Kelly Purkey to go with her label stamps and sentiments.

Oddly, there are only three dies (two are the same).  The circle was a standard sized punch but the larger rectangle?   I mean it was was easy enough to cut out with scissors, but a bit odd (my Misti is a bit feral, soz! 😳).

I'll use these in the white and probably throw in some October Afternoon label stickers if I need cream.

The reference to the Citrus Twist digital store prompted me to cut some intricate Alice in Wonderland images on the Silhouette.  Naturally after already having done two in white cardstock (whereas the last two were done in white glitter cardstock).

I think these would make some great title pages and I'll think a bit more about whether to leave he cardstock ones plain or whether to do something to them.

I wanted to see if my WeRMK Fast Fuse would burn dots onto wood veneer, but of course I lost that particular nib! 😡😡😡. I also didn't get around to watercolouring or glitterizing (yet another Alex word) some of the leaf die cuts from last month, since at least one of the inspiration kits contained leaves in the die cut packs,

Lastly, I re-discovered some cardstock I was using last year to catch cast-off spray when trying to record samples of my various mists.  I lined the box with cardstock to see if I could somehow salvage what I knew would amount to a lot of wasted mist. 

I placed the sheets like this and you can see where the tag would sit and a stencil opposite left a fun impression.

The colours for this batch were rather perfect (I was sampling like colours together (in this case pinks and purples) and still am not done yet).

Does it count as a forgery since I hadn't done it after the November kit was announced?  I'm going to go with yes since it works and I finally have inspiration to use it for something!

That's all from me!  Please make sure you check out the forgeries of the very talented Master Forgers!  You can find the link up page for the November challenge here

Love and fabulous forgery!


  1. So many FABulous forgery ideas, Alex!!!! WOW-mazing!! (It's a word I've coined for you, Miss Lotsa layers Queen!) Can't wait to see you merge all these delightful elements together into WOW-mazing layouts!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Becca! Loving your new vocab! Great to see you coming to the dark side lol Now all I have to do is figure out what t do with them!

  2. Beautiful forgeries Alex!! Love the water color flowers on the "Ridge" forgery. Such a cleaver ideas of the "Dreamer" paper. the alice in wonderland cut files are beautiful. I tend to print my labels onto regular cardstock and then on photo paper so that I can have both.Sometimes I'm cutting them out by hand because my Silhouette and I have a "Love/Hate" relationship.
    Cindy F

  3. After noticing you are a follower of mine, I decided to come and have a looky at your work - WOW! GREAT stuff. Had to comment on this post as it's great ideas, that I wouldn't have thought of and the adding the pen after colouring is so brilliant and wonderful, LOVE the effect.
    GREAT time looking through your work too.