01 November, 2018

Counterfeit Kit Challenge for November (and guest designer!)

Hello from Melbourne on a rather uncomfortably hot Spring Day!

Since we've been going a bit seasonal with CKC kits lately, I felt you should all know what this VERY pink Mama has been dealing with today!  😂

I know I've been pretty consistent with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge in the last few months, but I can't remember when I first started.  Feels like forever ago.

I know I did uncharacteristically well with both my kit and layouts last November because I actually blogged about it and at the time I felt I was doing better than in previous years.

Click on the lovely rose to see the November reveal post!

Well this November, I have had the pleasure of being asked to be the guest designer for the month!  IKR?? 😮😮😮

This month's kit is a bit different to the previous couple of Autumnal kits and I'm pretty excited since it's definitely more Springy.  The inspiration kit is Citrus Twist's October 2018 kit so a REALLY recent one! It's called "Little Things".

This is the overall image of the kit from the Citrus Twist website.  Click on the link and see a more detailed description.

You can also watch this YouTube video to see all the various Citrus Twist kits for October being unboxed

Oooh see what I mean?  All that purple and Alice blue and florals and stars are just the very thing to document a recent visit to an Alice in Wonderland exhibition.  But as usual I'm getting rather ahead of myself.

In order to successfully pull off this counterfeiting exercise, I need to put on my lab coat and goggles (old habits die hard, what can I say?😜) and analyze every last detail.

First colour, and don't forget to analyze the embellishments too, since sometimes they have some unique colours not present in the patterned paper.   Here we go:


  • White, cream, grey, black, woodgrain
  • Red (just a small amount of blue toned red)
  • Pink from peachy pink to baby to dusty to lolly pink
  • Orange from pale peachy orange to deep vibrant orange
  • Yellow from pale lemon to bright yellow to mustard
  • Green from mint to light to lime green
  • Aqua, turquoise and teal
  • Blue from pale blue to Alice, royal and navy blue to steely greenish blue
  • Purple from lilac to medium purple to dusty plum to indigo

Now for patterns and motifs.  I tend to group these together since there is usually some overlap


  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Leaves/vines
  • Scripty text/words
  • Tags, labels and frames
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Mixed media look on patterned paper
  • sketchy and watercolour style illustrations
  • Plaid, polka dots, scallops, hexagons
  • Cameras
  • Rainbows and clouds 

This is one of the few times I've has specific events in mind when hunting and gathering kit supplies.  It means I have a clearer idea of which parts of the kit will require tweaking.  For example, I didn't include any orange or peach, but opted for more pink etc

As a former subscriber to Citrus Twist Kits (about 5 years ago I think), I also know what my buying habits were.

For example, I would usually get extra patterned paper to have 2 of each pattern, and 2 sets of the add-on patterned paper.  I would also get the embellishment kit and sometimes the add-on kit.

These approximate numbers are what I based my counterfeit kit on,  and while it's still big, it's nowhere near the size of my October kit.  😳😳😳

So there are a few more things you should know about the way I pull kits (known as the Alex Rules):

⭐Single sided paper taken from a paper pad only counts as half a sheet so I get to pick 2 😜
⭐If I'm "shopping" for 2 sets of patterned papers, I pick one set based on the A side of a kit and 1 set on the B side (even though each of my papers have a unique back since I'm not pulling 2 identical ones from my stash
⭐There are certain items I don't add to the kit, and take from stash like mist, ink, mixed media, and stamps.  I have lately added small flat alphas to this list and suspect washi isn't far behind!
⭐I don't have a problem "cheating" since anything that gets a layout made from stash is a win no matter how you look at it!

My kit will be called  Alice Does the Twist 

The name plays up on "Citrus Twist" and twisting up the Autumn/Spring seasons...and a nod to Alice herself of course!

Here are some of the goodies from my kit:

So let's see it come together,  We'll start with the paper in the Inspiration kit:

Here are the A Sides

(And not shown are 2 sheets of white cardstock)

In my version, you will see 9 sheets (the two purples are single sided from pads and count for one) and two specialty papers which are subs for the 2 cardstock sheets

And the reverse of these? (top line only since bottom 4 are all single sided)

Now for the B sides to the papers in the inspo kit:

And my second set based on these:


Now the B side of my B sides 😂

So what else is there?  Keep in mind that the embellishment kit by Citrus Twist to go along with the kit, is just 2 items, and even with that added, it's still way too scant in terms of how I scrapbook.  I love all the things.  I NEED all the things!

Some items correspond pretty well to what's in the inspo kit and others are based on what I use and want given I'd like to be scrapbooking Alice photos (among other things)

So...we have ephemera (various Paige Evans collections, Alice in Wonderland by Echo Park and Tealightful by Pebbles) and a bunch of washi in patterns and colours to match

Chipboard sheets and Thickers!

Puffy Stickers, enamel shapes and dimensional embellies

Aaaaaall the stickers and sticker books!

Oh and I almost forgot that the inspo kit had vintage book pages which I happened to have from an old kit.  I could never actually bring myself to tear up an actual vintage book! 😢

Now for what Citrus Twist call "Pattern Paper Play" which are extra papers different to the main kit, but designed to co-ordinate with it.

Here are their A sides for October 2018:

And B Sides:

My 2 sets of papers (top row for A sides and bottom for B Sides)

And the back of my 2 sets of "Pattern Paper Play" counterfeits:

So.  There has to be a bit of extra stuff, right?  This kit is bigger than average, but waaay smaller than my last few.  I'm afraid my fellow mega-kitting-co-conspirator will be rather disappointed! (You know who you are, B! 😂😂😂)

Oh and I forgot to add that since I'd normally "buy" an add-on kit...that would take up a fair few of the above embellies and extras below (just saying!).  It's very autumnal this October so I wouldn't have bought it to go with the Main Citrus Twist kit, but lovely as a stand-alone

So just to make sure she still loves me (and make this kit more Alicey - yes I just officially made that a word!):

I added in just a few papers from the EP Alice collection

and some with cameras since that was prominent in the exhibition along with more hearts and more from Tealightful

(Oops forgot to photograph the backs! Soz!)

What I didn't add were wood veneers and buttons since I have my handy snack centre:

I'll pull from doilies and frames if/when needed.

And I'll keep picking from my messed up chipboard and Thickers and word Thickers.  But honestly I really don't count all te messed up stuff and leftovers!

Thank you so much to Lisa and the CKC team for asking me and giving me this opportunity!! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Links to my socials are right on the top left on the left sidebar (small pink icons)

Oh and in case you find it handy, here is the blog hop link up:

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Guest Designer Alex ⬅ you are here!

 Love, and kick butt kitting!


  1. Brilliant Kit Alex! You've covered everything so well. By the way,welcome to a fellow Aussie :)

    1. Ohhh Hi neighbour! Great to know there is a resident Aussie keeping all those back-to-front seasons in check! ;-P

  2. All the things.... and then more. I used to think that I made big kits but nothing like this! Ha ha! What a great mix of products and I like the way you analysed the original and then made changes to fit what you use and how you will use the kit for yourself. Glad you liked it and your own version looks like it's going to be awesome to use. Good luck and thanks for joining us this month - we are lucky to have you!

    1. Hey this one is the smallest out of my last three! ;-P lol My science background always rears its head in such matters! I keep a laminated periodic table in my craft desk...actually the breakdown and analysis is one of my favourite parts each month! I'm really excited to get started!

  3. So many fun goodies in your kit! I love your Alex Rules and I have a few of my own. Like you said - cheating is not so bad if it means you're getting layouts made! I am so glad that you are joining us this month and I look forward to seeing your creations!

    1. I very much look forward to hearing your rules too! It's a bit surreal to be joining you lovely ladies this month I have to say! Wonderland is an apt theme in such a case!

  4. Oh my my, I can't wait to see you plow through all that product! Enjoy!

    1. This is definitely I kit that will remain intact for as long as I have those Alice photos to scrap, Adding more paper or changing up supplies as needed!

  5. Love this huge kit. I chose my papers this month mainly from the b side of the inspiration it, so I like how you did yours. So looking forward to seeing your projects. Thanks for joining us as a Guest DT.
    Cindy F

  6. What an Awesome kit! I love Alex Rules and agree I like to do both A & B sides of the paper too. Now I like your rule about if it doesn't have a B side then it's only half and you add another, very inspiring for me looking towards the new year :) I agree about the cheating too I add when needed especially theme product as it's getting used on the layout all is good in the scrappy world (room). I see you are in the Shimelle class to this month so it'll be fun to see your creations from the class too :)I've got some catching up to do in the class :) Thanks so much for joining us this month :)

  7. Congratulations on being chosen as Guest Designer for this month. I always enjoy reading the "process" of kitting or scrapping. One of my kit rules is that I include multiples of identical papers. This way, if the first one is used up quickly, I still have more (of the same) to draw from.

  8. I love looking through the whole kit process like this! Fun to spy things that I have in my own stash. Just one last word - MEGA!
    Happy that you've joined the DT for the month :D

  9. Woah...you are going to be very busy! Love the inspiration kit you picked, works beautifully for us Aussies.

  10. Oh, my stars!!!! Alex, you are CKC's November GD!!!! So exciting!!! I'm going to have to come back several times and analyze your kit plus the original Citrus Twist before I even start to contemplate pulling/shopping in my old inventory to make my November kit!!! I might have to disappoint you and not have a mega kit. IDK. Too early yet. Not sure if I can counterfeit closely based on my first impressions. This kit may take a bit to put together. Alex: you've got so much cool stuff to be creative with!!! Enjoy!!! Can't wait to see how you plan to razzle-dazzle in November!!!!!