01 October, 2018

CKC Sept and Layering with Shimelle

Yes yes I know it's already October here, but not in the northern hemi and since that's where CKC is based...and I legit finished this layout yesterday.

This one is based on Prompt 16 of Shimelle's Layer On Layer On Layer class.  I knew I needed some apple layouts and I have at least 2 pie layouts and one about the OTHER kind of Apple. 💚💚💚

I managed just this one, but I'm planning to use whatever is left from this crazy kit as a jumping off point for the next one.

Infact I have a pile of pulled papers I have yet to put away so what if I limit myself to those? 💭

I'll decide that tomorrow when the CKC October reveal happens and this time I'll get that kit made nice and quick.

I also have a week to get an anniversary card done.  I have some experimental ideas for this one, but we shall see if eventuates the way I hope.

Oh right...I was talking about a layout, wasn't I?  Soz!

This layout started so well...I was really enjoying it, but had to pull off a bunch of things, move around and re-do large sections of it...like three times at least. 😫

I'm still not thrilled, but much happier than I was before the last and most drastic re-do.

I even managed to include three decent sized acetate butterflies for the RYS September challenge.

Missus Pie

Love and quick kit collating,


  1. Lovely, beautiful layers, love the prints/patterns.

  2. Fun interesting layout with that playful mix of apple pie and butterflies!

    1. I didn't start out with butterflies in mind, but these things happen! lol

  3. I take things off and redo bits and pieces of my layouts all the time! i really like the overall design of this layout and all the layering and dimension makes my heart go pitter patter! Have you made up your new kit yet? Oh and btw, I always have several older CKC kits on the go - I never manage to use them all up in the month of the kit! Just so that you know there's someone else out there with the same "problem"! ;-)

    1. Great idea to keep a few kits on the go! I started my October kit in a timely fashion, but then I a certain card I was trying to finish for my anniversary distracted me entirely!