19 October, 2018

World Cardmaking Day - 6 Oct 2018

Yeah I know that was so two weeks ago, but I promise I did actually make my card on the day...well part of it anyway! 😳. (yes that's a tail)

Our 18th wedding anniversary was on 7 October so perfect timing, hey?

It would have been...had I not chosen such a time consuming card.  When you try to up the ante with your anniversary card each year, by the time you get to 18 it practically has to spring to life and sing a cheesy ballad.

Well I've still on my Silhouette kick and I saw this cat cut file on Paige Evans' blog so I fiddled with it in Silhouette Studio to get two smoochy woochy cats.

The biggest issue was shrinking them down.  The cat was originally close to 12" tall and to make those pieces even remotely doable for my failing eyesight and sometimes dodgy hands, they couldn't really be smaller than about 4" wide and maybe 5" tall.

It was the stitching that took me three days though.  I rushed it at the end to finish it, and because I was cross with the Silhouette for not writing the sentiment nicely (bad combination of pens and paper) I ended up using stickers.

(Fitzy aka NCC* is the most stealthy photobomber so we've learned to roll with it!)

Read the sentiment on the front...


...now see the continuation inside? (before I added all the lovey dovey stuff, obvs!)


Get it?  NPCH* still doesn't and he is a maths major.  😒

9 lives...two lifetimes...18 years?   OK so I'd be seriously devo if any cat we had only lived 9 years, but you get the idea, right?  Tell me I haven't completely lost my mind!

And the bride cat's veil and tiara isn't sitting right cos it's hiding some mess, but overall I'm pleased.  I'm really looking forward to using this cat again...just much MUCH bigger!

Well that's all I have for you today...well almost!  Wanna see what we looked like back in the day?

*⇐Acronyms in left sidebar

Love and creative cardmaking!


  1. Hope your day was happy! Gorgeous card (and fur baby) & were you not the most beautiful bride? Love those happy day photos <3

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely words! It certainly was a happy day! We look a bit different now - I've loved off most of poor Hubz's hair and I am a bit chubbier thanks to steroids for chronic illness...not to mention Mama to a *gulp* TEENAGER!!! We all went to see an Alice in Wonderland exhibition for our anniversary. We had our reception at a local winery and for many years they had a Sunday lunch so we did that each anniversary, but the owners sold it (a lovely couple) and they don't do it anymore so we have to think up new fun! Plenty of photos of Alice shenanigans to come on the blog!

  2. Such a pretty, and creative card: all that stitching, oh my... it looks wonderful though! I love the sentiment and the overall design, especially the addition of the veil! Happy Belated Anniversary!

    1. Thank you Doreen! I really appreciate the blog love and anniversary wishes!