07 August, 2016

Shimelle's The 20 Project - Day 1

So having just finished a couple of layouts, I feel ready to actually play along with Shimelle's newest class - The 20 Project

The question is how.  It's an interesting project!  I could do what Shimelle has done to give her the basis for her 20 layouts in terms of a To-Do List.  I could also just adapt Shimelle's To-Dos to my own needs since I have so much I want to get done that I'm almost certain they'll be relevant!

In any case, I'm hoping to do a layout each day.  As I mentioned before, I tend to work from sketches right now due to my rather indifferent state of health, so taking that part out of the process means I can focus my energy on picking supplies and getting the job done.

So my "take home points" or ideas for Day 1 are:

2016 album
Bold/bright background paper
Themed supplies
One word: Sassa! <3 <3 <3

The 2016 album is a great place to start given I only have one story done!  (and yes that's the Dear Lizzy story!).

I love a bold patterned paper so I'll work that in.  If I can work in a theme then great but not going to try too hard.  Whether I dip into my precious Sassafras stash remains to be seen. 

*cue elevator music while she hunts for supplies...*

OK, I found a photo from January and I can go themey!

I always buy paper and embellishments with glasses (for obvious reasons) but haven't scrapped too many glasses photos (although from memory there are quite a few).

I quickly found these papers:

didn't bother looking further, but I'm sure there's more.

I quickly narrowed them down to the Maggie Holmes one from Open Book and the Amy Tangerine one from Better Together.  The next choice was harder, but I had in my mind the idea of a black and white background and a riot of colour in paper layers and embellishments.

I needed an outer mat for sturdiness due to the glasses paper being from a paper pad as well as wanting to introduce my colours.

My photo just doesn't have much colour.  One pair of glasses is pink (my crafting glasses) and this shows in one photo, and the coral red stripe of my dress is just barely visible.

I kinda wanted pink and red and maybe some orange...along with maybe aqua?

Shimelle's Starshine collection was the perfect match.  I needed two mats to tie in all the colour on the front.

I have lots of glasses embellies and stamps and dies (oh my!) as I said before, but clearly I can't JUST use those!

I rarely scrap photos of myself and I love girly stuff so flowers and hearts and stars will make up the majority.

I'm really glad I didn't give myself a time limit!  I have spent all afternoon trying to decide whether or not to sacrifice any of my Sassafras Foldies like Shimelle.  I have about 1.5 sheets so they're quite precious!  

I have loads of Sassa stickers and paper tho so I might compromise and use those and save the Foldies.

Initially I dismissed the idea straight away, but those pesky Foldies kept whispering to me.  I know I'm not the only person whose supplies speak to her...surely?

The colours in Sassafras papers should work really well with the other stuff I've chosen...as does Better Together and Dear Lizzy's Documentary or even Happy Place (but probably not all mixed together tho stranger things have happened).

Hmm...what was I saying about not mixed together?  And saving those Foldies?  Ahem!  

Here's my layout

Scrapbook layout page day 1 shimelle laine the20project class starshine dear lizzy happy place sassafras foldies amy tangerine better together maggie holmes open book c'est la vie pink paislee

I used the Better Together 6x6 paper pad and found I could have my pink glasses paper after all.  I know I went a little crazy with photo mats - besides the one from Better Together, the next two (multi polka dots and red floral) are from Starshine and the last two (light blue grid and pink and red text) are from Happy Place.

I used 2-and-a-bit foldies and the bottom one has had numerous surgical procedures performed on it until it would sit just so.  I added a Sassa border strip to each cluster and half an orange floral sticker.  A wood veneer piece and sticker from Pink Paislee C'est La Vie and gold mist later I felt kinda finished.  

OK more like I had to stop myself adding more, but I am actually kinda happy with this page!

I'll leave you with a few close ups of the embellishments and hope to finish days 2 and 3 by the end of Monday or Tuesday when the prompt for Day 4 should be out!

Scrapbook layout page day 1 shimelle laine the20project class starshine dear lizzy happy place sassafras foldies amy tangerine better together maggie holmes open book c'est la vie pink paislee

Day 2 and 3 have been a bit trickier to pull together in terms of bringing ideas, supplies and photos together but stay tuned to see how I get on!

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