03 August, 2016

Meeting Dear Lizzy - Layouts

I finally finished the layout I began when I got to meet Dear Lizzy  in April.  Healing has been a slow crawl and still not fully recovered sensation in my fingers, BUT Tori Bissell had a moodboard challenge going in her FB group Scrap Your Scraps that finished at the end of July.

This is how my layout looked after I was done with my left hand painting and stamping:

 This is Tori's July Moodboard:

Do you see why I chose to revive this particular layout?  Not quite?  OK here is the class sample (without the black ink line on the left):

Kinda hard to make it out, but one of the papers used (top area) is an abstract pink and yellow which reminded me a little of graffiti.

I decided to scrap the photos taken on the day with this layout (and another one).  They're not entirely my style so it seems to make sense to use photos of that occasion with them.  I stuck with Dear Lizzy collections and almost everything was from Happy Place.

I started with this page even though it would probably come second in the order of pages that tell the story.  (Chronologically it came first, but makes more sense second in terms of the story - just to confuse matters!)

After colouring a few more cameras I started chopping and sticking and ended up with a page that looked like this:

scrapbook page layout american crafts dear lizzy happy place collection stamping camera watercolor watercolour

The other 12x12 layout I thought needed some misting.  As you can see from the one above, plenty of cast off spray got all over my first page and photos etc.  I decided just to go with it!

scrapbook page layout american crafts dear lizzy happy place collection layers spray mist stencil

Not thrilled with the way the misting turned out - in fact I'm not overly thrilled with either layout, but it's always the way after a long break so I try and look on the positive that I have another story for my album and have my feet wet again.

Now for the insert to sit between the layouts.  It holds a 2 sided card Lizzy signed, along with a PL card from her Neapolitan collection that I took along.  I added a card with lots of journaling and some more photos with just a bit of embellishment.

dear lizzy american crafts project life insert cards journalling embellishment

So I guess all that remains is to get this into the order they appear in my 2016 album

And flip the insert to see the other page:

Hopefully my bit of camera colouring counts for the 30 Day Colouring Challenge.  Besides a bit of colouring I did in hospital during my infusion last month, I haven't managed to do much (again!).  

Craftermath after these layouts isn't as bad as usual and I'm slowly rearranging things to work more efficiently in my space.  Hoping to be back with more crafty goodness soon!

***PS the date was SUPPOSED to be April not March so I had to go back and fix the layouts. Boo.

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