04 May, 2019

When ALL the Crafting Collides...

I'm really not sure how I found myself in this predicament. 🤷🤷🤷

Last weekend Anna's Craft Cupboard had a cyber crop and I have about 9 hours left to finish anything I want to submit for the challenges.  I have one layout done and one not.  Is that what I'm doing now?  No, but you'd be forgiven for thinking so!

Team B is scheduled to submit inspiration pieces for this coming week's TTCRD challenge.  Due tomorrow.  Not working on that just yet either!

Discovered I'm first to post a project with my newest design team position...on Monday! (Embellish With Flair)  I may get to that one!

Today happens to be the first Saturday in May which is always (inter)National Scrapbooking day,  It has long since been considered to be the whole weekend so that's what I'm running with!

It does happen to also be 4th May today which is World Star Wars Day.  Since it always happens on 4th of May and iNSD sometimes happens on 4th May, the occasional overlap is not unexpected.  Since I have a bit of a crush on Yoda, here to say hi to you he is:

I was still uncertain whether the universe was conspiring against me, the Spring/Summer Coffee Loving Cardmakers blog hop started on 3rd. 

I'll definitely be making coffee cards and running a giveaway, but like the Winter one, I'll be starting late and finishing late I think.

So what exactly AM I doing then?  Well even without the newly released Ink Road Star Wars stamp sets, I figured I could pull off a mashup of all of the above.  After that extremely urgent project, I might get on with all the things I actually HAVE to do! 🤣🤣🤣

Love and working at warp speed!


  1. OH! my goodness - pressure pressure pressure? and you're SO VERY calm LOL.
    Faith x