04 April, 2018

Shimelle's Random Embellishment Challenge For April

Huh you ask?

Well many cries from scrapbookers near and far about supposedly "random" motifs that appear in collections and how to use them have prompted Shimelle to put together a list of such motifs and she is having another #ScrapbookingIsMySuperpower challenge for the month of April.

Here is Shimelle's list below:

Each Day Shimelle will offer 3 different ways (including a layout) to use these motifs.  You can find her ideas in her facebook group: Scrapbook Like a Superhero or her Instagram Feed.  Don't forget to check out the "stories" bit since Shimelle often puts videos and things there.

Shimelle's YouTube Channel also has free videos twice a week and some unofficial random motif coverage has been spotted there too!

I love these daily challenges, but I'm still not in the groove of crafting every day.  I am in yet to deal with a craftnado and in the midst of selling of old SU supplies so time and energy are limited.

Still, I'll do my best since quite a few prompts and ideas take me back to older, unfinished layouts!  Then there are layouts I've already done and photos I've already planned to use with some of these motifs.

Lastly are the hard ones I really have to think about.  I probably wont use a random motif on a layout "just because" or create a layout in order to use a motif unless it helps tell the story.  I have come up with ideas for layouts and stories by thinking about the motif first.  Not my go-to method but I really like mixing up my process.

Here are my ideas so far.  I need to think about the others.  I guess putting leftover motifs on cards is cheating, right? 😜

I counted 5 prompts relating in some way to...birds.  SHUDDER 🙊 What is WITH that?  Granted, most of them look cute enough not to haunt my dreams, but still.  I tend to assign any of those papers (if I can't or don't use the B-side and they're not too scary) to cat layouts (even if they don't form part of the specific story) because I'm guessing everyone gets the connection but it's pretty nasty (yes even for ME!)

I also don't actually HAVE any chameleons (yet) because I haven't (yet) procured Shimelle's newest collection called Box of Crayons. 

My writing is less than legible today but I may do a neater list when I get more ideas.  I think I'll focus on getting through possibly the worst craftermath I've ever had and start this weekend by dong maybe 2 per day and see how that goes. 

Love and exciting embellishing!

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