08 May, 2016

Happy (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day!

Yes it's an actual thing! 

(hope its OK to use this graphic - not sure who to give credit to)

It's the first Saturday in May, but scrapbookers tend to take the whole weekend to celebrate!   And yes I'm posting this on Sunday, but there are challenges running all weekend.   Shimelle is declaring the whole weekend and that's good enough for me!

So what am *I* doing?  You'll   be sorry you asked!

Adele Toomey aka Inkie Quill had a 12 hour live stream on Youtube which was fun...along with challenges in her Facebook group.  Hopefully I can create something.  Weekends are catch-up days.  Lots of washing and jobs.  Boo!

I thought I would give myself a semi-scrappy job.  This:

And believe me when I tell you that it's the most flattering angle of this disaster area.    So why don't I do something crafty and fuuuun?  Why indeed?

Turns out my excitement to get my stitches out on Thursday was short lived.  Yes this Crafty Mama has an infection in her incision.  

Probably started a couple of days before, but I was being optimistic and hoping it was just over-ripe stitches getting irritated.

Honestly, who gets an infection 11 days post-op?  Immunosuppressed peeps that's who.   Double boo. 

So how much scrappy tidying did I do yesterday?  Ummm...not an awful lot so I shall make an earnest effort today as I wait for more of Shimelle's challenges. I also heard rumours that her sparkly friend is going to make an appearance as part of the celebrations!  Oooh!

So what are YOUR plans?

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