06 March, 2016

March Madness!

Argh!  So much stuff happening this month!

Firstly, Calvinball is running during all of March.  It sounds really fun!  Visit the link to go to the forums or listen to a Podcast to learn more.

Check out the cute graphic Tori Bissell made for Calvinballers!

I'm yet to make a layout but I'll get there.

The other super exciting thing is a virtual crop happening at www.shimelle.com

 I happened to mention to Shimelle that I'd have to excavate my desk (at a minimum) in order to take part and she helpfully provided with this inspirational video.  It's very funny and clever.

 Note Danny's face when he finds a bone.  That was totally me when I found a second piece of Love, Elsie paper!!

The timeszone being GMT combined with a very busy weekend/Monday means I wont be able to do any challenges until later, but Shimelle will keep them open for a week! 

I'm planning to count any layouts I make towards Calvinball.  I'm also hoping to catch up on my GG challenges and Shimelle's Monday challenges as my Calvinball goal.

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