24 December, 2015

When you have to make a choice...

...between cleaning your craft area after the Great Thank You Card Marathon of 2015 OR putting together a quick little craft project using only what you find in the craftermath.

What would you pick?

Naturally I chose not to clean up and pick through the mess.  Not Pink Crafty Hubster loves shows like American Pickers and Small Crafty Dude loved Scrapheap Challenge way back in the day so I decided to see what I could come up with.

The back story is that it's become a kind of tradition to give my sisters a Lush voucher to spend on a Boxing Day when everything is half price.

No way way I going anywhere near the shops in the chaos, so I made my own "voucher" along with some cash.

My "rule"was that everything had to be found on my two desks or within arms reach. My Pink Crafty Butt was not to leave my Pink Chair.

Fortunately I had loads of DSP, watercoloured flowers and die cut bits and pieces left over from the card marathon...along with pearls, scraps of rejected ribbon and all sorts of other surprises.

I went with a flower and leaves stamped on vellum and coloured with Inktense pencils.

As it turned out, I didn't even cut any paper or cardstock.  I found bits in just the right size - even the vellum strip only needed a notch cut to make it a banner.

There was a box under the desk with alpha stickers not yet out away so on they went.

Miraculously I still had gold metallic thread in my machine...which reminds me to tell you that it DOES work in a sewing machine, BUT it is temperamental.  It's stiff and breaks and if you fill a bobbin, it looks as though there isn't a lot left on the spool, but it's worth trying.

That's all for this impromptu post and I'll be sharing the cards I made for my card ordeal...I mean order! ;-p

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