21 October, 2015

The Colouring Marathon That Wasn't

In anticipation of my regular infusion on Monday, I decided I'd try colouring on-the-go.  The 30 Day Coloring Challenge is well underway and I wanted to get more practise in.

In preparation I stamped about 20 pages of images from a variety of manufacturers, packed my markers in the travel wallet and I looked forward to seizing the...pen!

Despite the stamp press I started using since the arthritis began, I struggled getting crisp clean images.  I did however get beautifully black fingers which still bear traces of Memento ink 3 days later.  Go me!

It so happens a MISTI (which is a kind of cross between a stamp press and Stamp-a-Ma-Jig) was on its way to me and arrived while I was at the hospital.  I'm hoping this will make all the difference!

A cascade of events arose which made colouring difficult.  I had no sleep Sunday night due to jitters from asthma meds which meant copious consumption of espresso and Red Bull on Monday morning.

The caffeine had already made me shaky, but adding a double helping of pre-meds before my infusion made things virtually impossible.

I was especially looking forward to colouring the teeny animals from the Stampin' Up! Made With Love set and a few retired baby stamps.  Might have something to do with a new niece arriving in a few weeks time!

It wasn't a good choice to start with since the animals are small and by the time I was semi-happy with the blending, the markers were bleeding outside of the image,  I was frustrated but it was mainly for practise and I don't mind fussy cutting so that's always an option.  I still should have started with some larger images though.

I was pretty tired and gave up when I couldn't get the cute pink shoes to blend the way I wanted and switched to fiddling with the code on my blog (which I should check given my inability to think straight!).

Tuesday was spent mostly asleep.  Most people taking this medicine have a kind of "hangover" the day after.  You know you're tired when you sign for a package containing crafty goodness (and more markers!!) and go straight back to bed without opening it.

Feeling much better today so I'm busting out the markers again.  It's so much more comfortable at my own desk without being tethered to a pole!  I learned my lesson from Monday and picked Awareness Marci from La-La Land Crafts since it was World Arthritis Day on 12 October and I just got "juiced".

Of course there isn't an official ribbon for Psoriatic Arthritis since it's one of the rarer forms, but there are a few ribbons people have designed online combining the colours for psoriasis (orange or orchid/orange) and for arthritis (dark blue).  Rather apt as it's going to be as difficult to colour as the disease is to treat, but I gave it a shot.

I've never coloured curly hair before so it was another challenge, but I was ready to give it a go.

After that, I tried Awareness Anya from The Greeting Farm.  She's smaller than Marci but less detailed and I got to try both kinds of ribbon.

That's it for today and now that I have a few extra markers in colours I was missing, I can continue preparing the first project in what I hope will be a series for the rest of the Holiday Catalogue.

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