08 October, 2015

Happy Anniversary, GeekBoy!

A year ago I had a cool idea for an anniversary card for the Hubster.

I started the card but ran out of steam.  A year ago things were so much worse with Arthur.

This year I was determined to finish it despite being in a small flare but I pushed through and FINISHED!  Small victories, but each one boosts the morale and gets me closer to my goals so a mini celebration was in order.  AND I was/am hoping to take part in The 30 Day Coloring Challenge as much as I can this October.

the greeting farm cheeky geeky stamp prima school memories crate paper love notes copic geek nerd nerdy card cards math

One of the patterned papers I used last year was from an older Crate Paper valentine collection. 

As someone who doesn't celebrate holidays, I'm always after ways to use themed products in a different way.

Since it was our 14th anniversary, it seemed perfect (as long as I avoided any "February" words).  This presented a new problem.  It's now our 15th anniversary!

Sure I could cover it up or pull it out but I just went with it and decided to draw attention to the fact and make it a 14/15 card!

I should point out that while I DO like using layers on both cards and layouts, this card ended up with a few more layers than I would have liked due to mistakes where my dodgy handwriting was concerned so it's a little messier than I hoped, but I suppose it looks like a messy teenagers diary or schoolbook maybe?

It's inspired by this pin on Pinterest, but since he is a maths major, I left the working and solution out so he could solve it himself.

He ended up needing far less space than I allowed since this card is about 5x7 inches (maybe more!).

the greeting farm cheeky geeky stamp prima school memories crate paper love notes copic geek nerd nerdy card cards math inside

Several friends and family members have said Hubster reminds them of Sheldon Cooper.  Should I be flattered or offended??

It is true though and we embrace our collective geekiness (a certain Crafty Mama has a laminated periodic table at arms reach in her craft space...).

The stamp is from The Greeting Farm and I bought it especially to use on cards for Hubz.  Since we met when I was 17 and still at school it was quite apt!  I attempted to make her uniform look like my old school uniform, but I never get away with wearing it in such a sloppy way!

I used a little Crystal Effects on her glasses to make them shiny but it was so fiddly in such a small area!

the greeting farm cheeky geeky stamp prima school memories crate paper love notes copic geek nerd nerdy card cards math

My only issue with the equation is the use of the letter "i".  It's necessary for the solution to make sense but I had a feeling Hubz would assume it related to complex numbers rather than basic algebra and it was indeed the case!

This is our exchange when he prepared to solve it:

H: does the i...?
Me: (doing her best Grumpy Cat impression) NO!
H: (disappointed) oh. 

The solution itself is also meaningful being an old school emoticon phrase given we met in a chat room!

Now it may not appear that there is much Stampin' Up! product used.  Its true there isn't a lot, but there is some.  I craft first and foremost for myself and for the people I love so I use whichever products will work best at the time to achieve the result I want.  I'm never going to be forced into using something just because it is or isn't from a particular manufacturer. 

I do love SU products but they just didn't have this kind or stamp or these sorts of papers, stickers etc right now so I found what worked.

I do have some SU projects coming up though so stay tuned.

The progress is my craft area is slow,  I still have a few boxes of randomness to sort through and now stuff on desks to put away having got stuck into crafting before everything was completely ready (I knew that would happen :-/)

It's more ready than when Quality Control Inspector visited but still needs some more work before it's fully functional.

Stampin' Up! Supplies used:


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