09 November, 2021

Cat Hop Giveaway Closed and October Scrap Backwards Project Share (Lots of Cat Layouts!)

Hello Lovelies!

Thanks so much to all of you who entered my giveaway and made Janis's SEVENTH Cat Lovers Hop such a success!

Please head on over and check Janis's winners post to see if you won a prize!

I left the giveaway open a couple of extra days because I simply wasn't feeling great, so any comments entered until now are counted.

I'm running late with some video editing so if Max and I don't do the draw tomorrow (Wednesday) my time then it will be Thursday.  We'll do a video draw as always. 

Now remember when I talked about the Scrap Backwards concept here?  It would have been "The Royal Cat" layout and video I posted.

Well these are the remaining layouts I made with the kit.  I'll include a short video of the wrap up and show what I had left, what I made etc.

Now here are the three cat layouts and journaling close ups.  I used the same three sketches that Kathy and Adam used during the month by Lisa Sikorski.


Culture Shock


Purrfect Combo


The 3AM Crazy

Thanks for stopping by and there will be a new May I Scraplift You video on my channel in the next 24 hours. (hint...DOUBLE CATS!)

In the meantime, Stay Safe and LOVE CATS!


  1. haha, still laughing at Fossy's after dinner routine. Yup, sounds just like a cat...
    We never allowed our cats to sleep in our bedroom because I already have insomnia and it would have been game-over. Fortunately, they were all content to sleep in their respective spots in the laundry room all night. It's a large laundry room, with adjoining bathroom, so plenty of room to go cat-crazy during the night if they got the zoomies.

  2. Lots of fun details on your pages!
    Just heading to bed but I saw your post and wanted to check in. I am hoping that Coco will join me, but she is pretty comfy on the couch curled up on a blanket. Sometimes she spends the night out here. They do have their own plan, don't they?

  3. so great kit!
    love your layouts!

  4. Your kitties are so beautiful! I LOVE that you used stitching on your layouts!

  5. I hope you feel better soon, Alex. You have had a rough go of it lately, yet your creativity still shines through. I like all three of your layouts. This concept is a neat way to find inspiration, and I love the kit you used, so many fun cat elements! My fave LO is the second one as I really like the small squares design. Love seeing all of the pics of your Fossy!