11 March, 2020

Arty Divas Design Team Project 10 March

Hi Lovelies!

Today is Challenge 17 at Arty Divas.  This is a FORTNIGHTLY "anything goes" (any type of project and any theme) challenge with a design team who makes projects showcasing the sponsor who often offers PRIZES!

This week's sponsor is Jan's Digi Stamps
Online Shop - https://www.janmahew.com

I wasn't entirely sure what I'd make when I chose the coffee cup image...only that...coffee-all-the-things! 🤷🙈🤣

I also knew I didn't have a whole lot of energy and even less workspace for this project until Operation Study ➡ Studio is complete...or Stage 1 at least!  This is what I'm dealing with:


At least most of the new storage is here so I'm getting along with that as fast as Arthur* will allow.  Which isn't really that fast!

I found an unopened jar of Stampin' Up mixed beads (circa 2004 🙈) in my organizing and there was one container in earthy tones, so a shaker it would be.  I added a bit of Spiegelmon Scraps sequins in Black Magic and Midwestern Harvcst to lighten and brighten.

My cutting the frame for the shaker was less than ideal, (but I was working on the floor) so it was probably a bit more challenging to construct the shaker than it could have been.  At least once it came to adhering the little corrugated holder (which I concertina folded) and the leaf sequins from the Midwestern mix, I could get back to using Glue Dots instead of the red tape (which I hate only a little bit less than wet glue!)

The cold Autumn mornings here gave me inspiration for the colours and the shot window when a major coffee chain sells pumpkin spice something (which I've never tasted and the acronym always makes me think of PMSL 🤷🙈🤣)

I'll add it to a card at some point (probably to a fellow coffee addict enthusiast) and that being the case, only a snarky sentiment will suffice.  I wonder if it's co-incidence that my fellow coffee girls are as snarky as me? 🤔🤔🤔

Coffee Cup Shaker

Anyway please enter the challenge and if you want me, I'll be making another coffee!

*Acronyms and other oddities in left side bar

Love and perfect cremas,