17 March, 2019

So This Happened - TTCRD Design Team Spot

I have to say I'm pretty excited!

Design Team roles usually come in two main types - either designing for online challenges or for a retailer/brand.

This one is the former, except Through The Craft Room Door also has an electronic magazine so writing articles for the magazine is part of the role too and that's the bit that made this one really interesting to me.  I mean...it's not like I like writing much judging from my blog posts, right?  🤣🤣🤣
Sadly I found out just after posting that the magazine has been discontinued and the last issue just came out.  My acceptance was in January but I didn't get my start date til recently so haven't been privy to all the behind the scenes stuff

I think it was less than 24 hours since sending off my application that I got a reply inviting me join the team! 😮😮😮.  My term officially starts in April, so if you like to get your craft one, please join in the weekly challenges!

You can find the blog (with challenges) here: TTCRD Blog
The TTCRD Facebook Page
There is a public Facebook group too: TTCRD Facebook Group

That's all for today!  There are a few things I want to make sure I get done in March before I start making for TTCRD so stay tuned!

Love and caffeine fueled creating!


  1. Congratulations my friend! I can’t wait to see what you create!

    1. Thanks you SO MUCH and I really appreciate the blog love!

  2. Congratulations on your new DT! They are lucky to have you! Regarding the magazine, I thought it was ending next month, but maybe I misunderstood. Here's the post I read a week ago:

    1. No you are absolutely correct! I was emailing with the staff and found this out about an hour after I put the post up (natch!) I have been behind in my blog reading and didn't get access to the DT behind the scenes stuff til about a week ago so still finding my feet. Thanks for the blog love!