08 January, 2019

J is for January Counterfeit Kit and...

...Joy!  It'll make sense later I promise.

That's the Sneak Peek of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge January kit below and you know I was going to get on board with this!

December is traditionally a month of rest over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge and instead of the traditional kit, there are (usually holiday themed) activities in the lead up to the various holidays.

Since I don't celebrate any of them, I thought I'd bust out a very special kit I had been saving for such an occasion.  The thing is that December had me running around and doing lots of things for the Coffee Lovers blog hop and finalizing the giveaway and I managed to enter Altenew's colour inspiration challenge not long before the deadline of 11:55pm 31 Dec EST.

I was disappointed that I didn't pull in my special kit during December how I planned.  With January and another inspiration kit for CKC revealed, I definitely thought it was a bust.  Seeing the images of the inspo kit from Felicity Jane (Hannah from October 2018) the the CKC blog seemed to support that until a scallop print paper got me thinking.

As usual I'm getting ahead of myself, and as usual there's a bit of a back story involved.  I suggest now would be a good time to get comfy!

In March last year I was very excited to meet my friend, JOY from the UK when she came to Australia to visit her son who lives here in Melbourne.  We first met in Shimelle's Scrapbook Like a Superhero Facebook group!

We spent a day shopping and trying to find the remaining few brick and mortar stores still around in (naturally the outer suburbs of) Melbourne.  Naturally the subject turned to how we were going to scrapbook our day out.  I decided to do my page (although by now the plans for one have morphed into at least 4) in mostly green since that was Joy's favourite colour and one I struggle to use despite liking it a lot.  Joy did the same with pink which was my favourite and a struggle for her.

I decided if I included pink too, it would look really good with green.  Perhaps a pink that leans toward the peach slightly?

Sometime after that I accidentally stumbled on American Crafts's Autumn Crisp collection among my stash, which incorporated these colours and more.  The only photo of the two of us has a lot of lovely blue sky, so the green needs to be able to work with that as it does with Autumn Crisp. ⬅⬅⬅

I was trying to come up with a placement i was happy with and a few short weeks later, Shimelle posts this video on her YouTube channel for her Walt Disney Wednesday series,  It's about meeting Ariel so the colour scheme is a lovely soft mint green and shades of pink, peach and orange.  Shimelle used some of Dear Lizzy's (then new) Stay Colorful collection featuring mermaids and...MERCATS!!! 

The b-side of the MerCat paper was a lovely pink and orange scallop reminding me a bit of the ones in the Felicity Jane inspo kit.  SO...the scallop made me think of mermaids which was a natural progression to the MerCats which naturally led to this special partially pulled together kit. 😹😹😹

When you consider that the "Hannah" inspo is effectively a two colour kit (dusty pink and "duck egg blue" in various shades) along with neutrals (dark brown woodgrain and lots of black and white patterns which are synonymous with Felicity Jane then it's really quite similar!

My kit is predictably (much) bigger, but nothing like the last few I think.  It also looks more colourful which is inevitable when you consider that Felicity Jane's kit contents are all exclusive and custom designed.

Much of what I include isn't applicable eg a sticker sheet which has some stickers that work well and others I wont use.  This in part explains the size of my kit because more stuff needed to be added to compensate for all the ones I wont use.

I started dissecting the Felicity Jane kit in the usual way: 

The colours:
Peachy pinks ranging from a soft skin colour to dusty pink to a burgundy
Blues from duck egg blue to navy
Dark brown, white, black

Large floral
Polka dots/circles
Cross hatch
Script font quote
Other geometrics

January Kit - JOYFUL

The patterns and motifs in this month's inspiration kit are pretty general and non-specific so they will be easy to include and in addition,  since Joy and I are both crafters (and several of the stories are directly related to crafting), I included paper and embellies from at least a couple of craft themed collections.  We also thought it might be nice to have at least one paper common to both of us which ended up being:

"Here" from "Go Now Go" by Shimelle (I also love the idea that I can use up some of the maps and travel themed supplies)

And the rest of the kit
Colours - Soft Greens, Peach and some Pink
12 x Patterned Papers -
*1 x 6 x 6 Paper Pad
(Paper pads are also the product focus of the month on the Rediscover your Stash Facebook Group so I'm picking two)
*Wooden Embellishments
*2 x Mists
*Texture Paste
*2 x Stencils
*1 x Cut File
1 x Washi Tape

I wasn't even going to try sticking to the paper quantities (Sorry Joy!)

The items I marked with an * will have to be put together as an add-on kit perhaps...and along with the stamp set (which IS part of the kit, but I haven't picked yet).  I don't usually add any ink or mixed media type stuff for a kit but rather just pull it in when I need it,  This time I'm going to since Joy uses them often and chose them for our kit.  I want to ensure I use them on at least one of the layouts I plan to make.

Quite a few papers I pulled out are from the 12x12 paper pads and so don't have a b-side.  The others seem to have b-sides that work equally well as you are about to find out!  I figured I'd photograph them too, but it makes this kit look much larger than it really is!

Where the Felicity Jane kit uses shades of warm pink from very soft all the way to burgundy, my kit uses pinks from light to dark (B sides on right)

and palest peach to a medium orange (B sides on right)

Where the Felicity Jane kit uses shades of greyish blue from very soft all the way to navy, my kit uses greens and a few blues) from the palest mint to a medium green (B sides on right)

and teals, pale sky blue to navy (B sides on right)

Neutrals were in keeping with the inspiration kit: woodgrain and plenty of black and white patterns for which Felicity Jane is particularly well know (B sides on right)

I also added some multicoloured papers.  The closest the FJ kit comes to this is the mermaid scallops.  I found a similar scallop in the right colours that would work with my kit too (B sides on right)

 Instead of a set of 12 3x4 cards, I decided to use cut-apart-sheers.  Two are single sided and two are doubles.  (B sides on the right)

 Die cuts (including some special ones by Lilybee with a quilty pattern and a paint palette by Amy Tangerine) 😉. The rest are 2 collections by PinkFresh Studio and both the tags and ephemera from Echo Park Imagine That! girl collection stuffed into one bag.

I definitely needed more than one set of alphas.  I picked one brown and one black along with some small blue and aqua ones.  I tried my best to go fairly neutral since I haven't planned more than one particular page in advance.

Two sets of enamel shapes were needed to cover all the colour options along with some PinkFresh Studio buttons.  I also added some random embellies from rub-ons to badges to bows to acrylic shapes.  All great stuff to add dimension and texture besides paper

There are no stickers or chipboard shapes in this kit, but I needed them so in they went.

As I was trying to get my craftermath under control and search for the remaining items to complete my JOYful kit, I came across these.  Both Felicity Jane and Joyful had washi on the list (which I forgot).  I rectified this glaring oversight by inducing TWO rolls for good measure! 😂😂😂   And this other scallop paper in the right colours.  Will I use it? I really don't know, but in it goes!

This next (and LAST) lot of supplies can best be described as a mixed media add on kit?  As I mentioned before, Joy uses it more often than I do (at least on layouts, but I'm trying to remember it more often).

I forgot to include tickets in my kit, so I will have to do something about that in a forgery perhaps. The ribbon bows were intended to replace the tulle ones, but the tulle bows are so cute that I think I'm just going to have to mess about with tulle to!.  I promise I wont leave it until the fourteenth, but I just can't believe just how much all those small distractions (like having to be the algebra police during the school holidays) take up!

I just realised I also forgot to include a cut file for Joyful.  Let that be another challenge to resolve along with the stamp set and forgeries!!

Well I better get this posted before another week goes by (although I truly did start pulling supplies and blogging on the frrst or second of the month

Love and PROMPT supply selection


  1. I really want to join one of these challenges I think I need to go and check it out. How cool that you and Joy got to meet. It is one of the things that I love about scrapping :D

  2. What a lovely kit. Looking forward to seeing your projects

  3. Brilliant kit and I like your back story too.If I'm ever in Melbourne I'll look you up.

  4. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Your kit is JOY-mongous! (joy + humongous) Oodles of goodies to get excited about, so get busy, my dear. I want to see your paper-crafted creations!!!!!!

  5. So much fun! The back story is great and the resulting kit is really magnificent - huge and full of totally joyful products! Great stuff and I look forward to the pages you'll make about your real life connections with Joy!

  6. I enjoyed reading the history behind the kit! And it's true that the inspiration is really two main colors and lots of neutrals - I like that you made your kit with a definite intentions and I hope you have lots of fun using it this month!

  7. A completely scrumptious kit.