18 September, 2018

CKC Forgery on the Fourt...eenth

OKOK Maybe sixteenth, but in my defense the majority of my forgeries did occur on the fourteenth!

It was the first time I'd tried to do a forgery and mixed results would be the right way to describe it! 

But first I must confess I switched my Amy Tan die cuts for some from my mixed stash.  I just wasn't feeling the former with all the other supplies.  And added two of my precious Hambly acetate sheets - one in gold and one in brown woodgrain...and some 6x6 paper pads to compensate for the lack of navy and pink. (sorry!) 

It looks like a lot of die cuts and while it is, there are also all the October Afternoon ones mixed in there, so it's not as bad as it looks!

Since my kit can't make up its mind what season it's from (and has a foot on both camps it seems), the forgeries would have to follow suit.

What I was most lamenting was the lack of leaves.  Glittery ones in particular, but leaves regardless.  While waiting for the Silhouette to finis one of her lengthy cuts, I pulled out those lonely Amy  Tangerine leaves.  I remembered I had some random bottles of Stickles and...well...I'm not entirely convinced.


Since I got my Silhouette, I have been collecting free cut files (and plenty of purchased ones too) whenever I see them and much to my disappointment surprise I already had plenty of leaves and didn't need to buy any more 😒

I made a collage of the best shaped leaves and started cutting.  
I love the way vellum leaves look, so I had a sheet of the gold marbled one by Pink Paislee...and anyone remember that aqua and green bokeh one that Maggie Holmes put out with either her first or second collection?

It was absolutely essential to try glitter paper next.   I picked a gold and more champagne coloured glitter paper to match the gold and rose gold that appears in the kit.  


After that, I picked "Hello Sunrise" which is an ombre patterned paper from  Amy Tangerine's "Hustle and Heart" collection.  It starts with yellow on one diagonal and going to red on the opposite side. 

Then this Echo Park paper which is a gorgeous spring green on one side and has pretty much all the seasons (especially Autumn) on the other.

I found a cut file which looks like a cut log and this reminded me of the One Canoe 2 paper.  Many attempts and much wasted paper ensued.  Because of the super thin strips, this was the smallest I could cut it.  I added some butterflies to use up the remaining brown sheet, but now I'm annoyed and think they are TOO big.  UGH!  I don't think I'll use these butterflies, though.  Maybe on a card or something.

Now to attempt cutting acetate considering the challenge from RYS.  No idea if the Silhouette can cope with it, but I was willing to try.  I picked two sheets, but then I thought they would look stupid cut into leaf shapes.  I just cut circles, butterflies (more forgery here!) and stars.

Upon seeing the result, I realized leaves would have been OK after all, but probably solid leaves would be better...so off I went and made another leaf collage.  I halved my brown and gold transparencies so I could cut fewer leaves but all at once on the same cutting mat.


I was wondering how they would look if I took some alcohol ink to them...this is how!  I recruited SmallCraftyDude to assist me.

Probably better to do it on the underside, since copious use of the blending solution dissolved the screen printing, but I stuck them to the cutting mat with the screen print up so the glue wouldn't tear it off and coloured the leaves while still stuck to the mat without pulling off the extra acetate around the shapes.

I didn't bother making more bows since I didn't want more paper ones.

I know it's a lot of leaves, but trees have them all year round (well except deciduous ones) and I'm not in any hurry to burn through them.  Could do with more butterflies, though.  

And all the offcuts?  Take a punch to them and use up every little bit.  

I even got more butterflies!  I like layering punched butterflies with the smallest one on top in a vellum and stitching the layers together.  This gives a really lovely dimensional embellishment!  

Time for layouts next and I really REALLY want to get at least a few done!  I'm completely spent, so I'm not going there today.  

I definitely will before the month is out, but I have spent far too many days writing up this post (while taking frequent breaks to throw food into the teenage pit).

Love and fabulous forging! 


  1. Alex: you write with so much humor and honesty!!! :) Keep on crafting and blogging!! The forgery leaves are absolutely beautiful and you have so many and such variety, it will be a pleasure to see how they get used in your crafting!

    1. Thank you! I do love to write almost as much as crafting. The leaves will last me a long time and I"m OK with that. I tend to binge cut on the Silhouette because it can be a bot of a hassle

  2. you aren't afraid to try-thanks for telling us what was a success and not so much a success....definitely loving all the glitter ones!

    1. Well if those were my only sheets of Hambly you can be pretty sure they wouldn't have been risked in the Silhouette! Now of course 'm wondering how thick can it cut? I have put aluminum cans through my Big Shot, but that's completely different!

  3. Wow, you have been busy. So many leaves to use on your layouts, can't wait to see what you create.

    1. lots of leaves and yet not a huge amount of potential layouts where they fit. I have a few in mind at least. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. This whole post made me smile! I love the trial and error of your forgeries and is exactly my kind of counterfeiting! I love leaves and really ought to fish some of mine out and also get the Silhouette working for me!

    1. Thank you! I used little of these in my three layouts for the month but decided they'd look OK grouped on card fronts...IF I had more white leaves lol Guess what I'll be cutting and adding lolol

  5. Brava!!! I ADORE seeing forgery posts! Love your choices of bold patterned paper. And glitter - of course. Really fun following your process, and I often create counterfeits that commune with my stash for awhile before making an appearance. P.S. love the quilt!

    1. thank you! I'm so pleased I'm not the only one whose counterfeited bits need more time to assimilate! lol I'll see what happens with the October kit!