17 September, 2017

News Flash!!

Wow long time no blog!  Doesn't feel like it's been 3 months!

But I have BIG EXCITING NEWS!  I officially resigned as a Stampin Up Demo a couple of months ago!

Dancing reaction gifs

NPCH* and I have BIG crafty plans for the future, and SU was really starting to hold us back.  I'll be honest and admit that it's not JUST that.  There's a little more to it which isn't worth going into since this is supposed to be a happy post!

Let's make it clear that it has NOTHING to do with the company itself.  Stampin' Up have extremely flexible conditions and take a really sensible, balanced approach when they changed their policy about competing products.

I will still continue using Stampin' Up products, and continue mixing them with other manufacturers as I have been (all allowed thanks to Stampin' Up policy!) but we have outgrown SU and it's time to move on to bigger and better things!

It will take some time to achieve our goals, but watch this space!!!

We plan to offer (among other things) both local and online classes and more in the way of free tutorials (both blog and YouTube).

As for the other things, they're a bit secret so you'll have to wait and see.  Don't Tell! animated emoticon

I am also in the process of selling of much of my retired stock.  I am thinking of starting my own group on Facebook (just for selling my own stuff) or otherwise using one of the many existing groups.
They can be a bit painful at times, though!  Bumped Head emoticon

If anything I've said so far about our future endeavours interests you and you'd like more info, you can:

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Also, if you are in need of a Stampin' Up demonstrator, please drop me a line and I will put you in you in touch with a really lovely lady!

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