28 November, 2015

S'Up, Mama?

A lot has been going down in Pink Crafty Land since my last post (and little time for tea I can assure you!).

I have been commissioned to make a set of thank you cards, I have end-of-year cards to make for Small Crafty Dude to give to his friends and a couple of cards for specific occasions.

I'm planning and preparing for actual classes between all this and slowly diving into the remaining boxes of randomness which linger from my attempts at organisation.

I have a very hard task mistress as you can see

The other Crafty Cat is pleased with my efforts and he promptly falls asleep among piles of sorted supplies about to be put away.

I've also been working on the card series I promised - hoping to make and post videos every so often.  Right now I have Technical Support (AKA The Crafty Hubster) sorting out lighting because it's aways TOO YELLOW for my liking.  

Just look at the cheeky minx mocking me!  She is totally ROFL-ing at one of my ideas.  How rude!!

The upcoming weekend will be devoted to the thank you cards which I'll share in due course and after that I hope to bring you the long awaited series and videos.

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